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SMILES in Life

"SMILES in Life" are easy and short techniques to take care of our holistic wellbeing in both real and digital world.

"SMILES in Life" program empowers us with short & easy well-being techniques to relax our body, get peace of mind and happiness of heart. SMILES synchronizes our thoughts, feelings and actions using simple mindfulness and positive psychology based anchors to manage unpleasant experiences in both real and digital world. It motivates students to use creative alternatives to reduce digital addiction.


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June 2018
Knowing how to synchronize our body, mind & heart in the present work is the key to improved motivation for our well-being resulting in better work efficiency.

About the innovation

Everyone needs SMILES for Holistic Well-being

Why "SMILES in Life" program?

Imagine a classroom where no student is afraid of asking the silly questions. No student is afraid of being bullied by his peers. No student is ashamed of comparing his performance and attributes with others. Imagine a school where no teacher or student is afraid of suffering physical and psychological harassment. Imagine a world where everyone cares for the socio-emotional needs of each other and is reaching out to help the ones who are underprivileged in any sense. 
Well, we may not get rid of all the ill-happenings of the world but we sure can learn and teach ourselves and our children how to cope up and recover from those. And we don't need separate courses for teaching skills like composure, resilience, empathy or compassion. These can be very well integrated into our regular learning process. SMILES is designed just to do this to integrate these life skills into real time teaching.

In today’s increasingly fast world, both adults and students are getting engrossed in their virtual worlds losing awareness & appreciation of their present real world. Their thoughts and feelings are not in sync with their present activity so they do not put their heart into what they are doing now resulting in reduced efficiency, more distraction & dissatisfaction.   

We believe, there are two major causes for this: 
Firstly, lack of acceptance & willingness to change- people are not motivated enough for doing anything new for mental or emotional well being as they think its their way of life and nothing can be done about it.  This mindset needs o be changed.
Secondly, lack of easier and effective alternatives-most of us today are too busy to take out time for special well-being techniques like meditation or yoga. Short & Easy well-being routines integrated with our daily routines are the need of the hour.

Just as diamond cuts diamond, we plan to use digital technology to infuse routines of self driven well being techniques during our long on-line hours. This can be tracked and monitored as well as customized using AI techniques.

How SMILES in Life program works?

Our simple mindfulness anchors intrinsically motivate people to integrate and prioritize holistic well-being easily without disturbing their current work or activity. It can empower even the ardent digital users to stay focused instead of getting distracted on social media. This improves productivity and reduces screen time. 

We start with a well-being integrated "SMILES in Life Day plan" that positively programs our mind in just 3 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the night. Then during our online and offline activities of the day, we are prompted to take a few "Mindfulness Pauses" for 2 minutes every 2 hours. Lastly, non-digital "Creativity Pauses" for 10-15 minutes once or twice a day gives our mind the positive power to stop getting glued to gadgets unnecessarily and enjoy our hidden passion and creativity booster activities like music, art, exercise, yoga, meditation, connecting to nature etc.  

We teach these SMILES techniques through live workshops or online webinars to motivate adults and students to learn to use short & quick well-being techniques that coordinate their thoughts, feelings and actions to enjoy their daily activities. We use experiential learning techniques to teach them about simple mindfulness anchors that help them stay focused while doing any activity even while using digital gadgets.

We are also planning to develop a smartphone APP which will teach, remind and track all our digital wellbeing activites.

What is SMILES in Life program?

After getting a positive response for our SMILES in Education program in India (2019 HundrED Innovation), we created SMILES in Life program for individuals/groups to learn & experience short & easy mindfulness based SMILES techniques via webinars and then take them to their workplace or institutions.

More than 50 people from 7 countries found this program to have helped them easily & effectively develop a positive and well-being first mindset. Some of them have taken this techniques to their classrooms & schools as well.

We have different levels for "SMILES in Life" Well-Being Integrated Day Plans. Our plans, if practiced for 21 days (using excel based tracker or App), motivate you to keep physical, mental & emotional well-being as your first priority. Our program helps you keep a check on yourself and also makes you strong enough to be able to do the right things at the right time.

We are working towards building a mobile app to help you follow up with the SMILES well-being plan digitally.

Our mission is to empower you to:
* “HEART WORKING” - Working straight from the heart.  Stay connected with your inside and bring out your inherent joy, creativity, positivism, compassion and empathy. 
* Enjoy & improve productivity of your present activity by synchronizing your thoughts, feelings and actions.
* Decide what is the right thing to do in this very moment resulting in less distractions and better time management.   
* Become resilient and respond to happenings positively instead of reacting negatively.
* Use specific mindfulness anchors while doing activities to stay focused and productive. 


Carole Petel from France about SMILES in Life Daily Plan
Carolina Pérez, Youth Ambassador HundrED, Madrid, Spain about SMILES in Life
Alex Bell, Portland Education, London, United Kingdom about SMILES in Life
Carole Petel from France - “Smiles in Life” plan gives me the opportunity to improve my serenity and my happiness.
Our lives are increasingly stressful. We have more and more difficulties to manage our emotions. In this context, we need to change our way of thinking. For me, the “Smiles in Life” plan gives me the opportunity to improve my serenity and my happiness. Thanks to the different exercises and actions, I practise mindfulness and gratitude. I realize with this program that we have a conscious choice over our attitude. Happiness is not about denying negative feelings or being joyful all the time. It’s about making the most of good times and learning to manage with bad times too. I learn with the “Smiles in Life” practical actions to be aware of and manage emotions. It’s important to take breaks in the day to take awareness of the world around us. Listening to a piece of music, watching the sun, reading a positive message are acts that allow us to focus on the important things in our lives. With this program, I realized that it is not always easy to take breaks every 2 hours. It’s easier on weekends. My professional activity is quite busy and does not give me the opportunity to take breaks when I wish. For me, it was less complicated to do the ritual of the “Mindful Opening” and the “Mindful Closing” because I used to practice it. It has been more than 2 months since I started this action and now I realize that I feel the need to take breaks to take a step back. The mindfulness-pause brings me serenity.

Implementation steps

Learn it!

Learn the SMILES in Life beginners plan by joining our introductory webinar/workshop. Click here to register for the same.

Experience it

Experience the SMILES in Life plan for 21 days.

Just 5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes in the minute and a few pauses for 2 minutes each in the day is all you need to experience the SMILES way of life. You can follow this routine for seven days. If you like it you can continue for more weeks. This will dp positive programming of your mind.

There will be a follow-up meeting to get your feedback.

Adopt it

Adopt the SMILES in Life plan in your life and integrate it with your working plans at the classroom / school / institution. In the classroom you can Integrate the SMILES structures with your lesson plan.

SMILES team would like to see SMILES in action in your classroom, so please invite us or send us videos/pictures from your classroom.

Spread it

You become a SMILES Ambassador who then use the above steps to spread the SMILES in Life Plan to others.

Spread of the innovation

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