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Magical U

Emotional intelligence is a key factory to build a happy, health and wealth life

Magical U is a simple and powerful game that allows a child to release negative emotions and memories from their subconscious. It enables them to connect with their feelings through pictures, express themselves through play and choose how they want to feel. In a world full of challenges and problems, nothing more important than EQ, empowerment and inspiration based on subconscious programing.

Holistic Education


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Holistic Education in South & South-East Asia

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March 2023
Emotional intelligence begins to develop in the earliest years. All the small exchanges children have with their parents, teachers, and with each other carry emotional messages.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Our subconscious programing is pretty well formed before the age of 7 and our way of being stems from the perception of those early years. Children take in messages either literal or perceived and if painful, they then see the world this way. As they grow up they relate to the world based on these painful experiences. What Magical U does is to help children release these negative experiences.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Magical U addresses holistic education by creating a safe time and place where kids can share their emotions. The online course gives parents, teachers, and professionals a tool kit to understand the interconnection of feelings and events at the same time it gives the opportunity to heal and choose how to feel.

We see and remember in pictures, emotions become attached to those pictures and many of those pictures are then remembered subconsciously as traumas.

Playing Magical U allow kids to understand their feeling and empower them to choose how to feel. They can now choose what to do with this feeling, release it and replace it with how they prefer to feel. A Magical U game takes only 20 minutes and changes the emotion of the child instantly.

Magical U is based on several different tried and tested modalities. We combine NLP, Meridien Therapy, Visualization, EFT, and more, taking the best of each and creating a unique game that is powerful, effective, simple, easy, and fun.

How has it been spreading?

Currently we are working with self-reported change that is part of the Magical U process. We have worked with hundreds of children, individually and in group, ages 2 - 16. Individual responses vary from very dramatic positive change in the child's feelings and behaviour to smaller changes, with 95% of children experiencing feeling better, more relaxed, open and happy.

To date we have trained over 250 Magical U Practitioners in several countries around the world. This includes teachers, counsellors, psychologists, kindergarten owners and teachers, Health Care Professionals, Medical Doctors as well as business owners and parents.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Trainers from the Magical U team offer regular FREE demonstrations of how to play the game. These introductions are now often offered on line due to covid restrictions. However live group introductions are offered at your own location wherever possible. For more information about what can offer please get in touch with Gui Brotto or Jaz Goven and allow us to set something up.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

This innovation combines understanding of emotions with games, which is more appealing to the learners of different age groups. The process is also easy to replicate in any other context.

HundrED Academy Reviews

The innovation could work in any context and therefore measuring the impact and benefit seems to be easier.

The concept is simple and easy to implement. Pupils are able to practice their emotional understanding and develop the skills needed to be aware and conscious about how their emotions can be harnessed.

- Academy member
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