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Yen-Yin Wang

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How can children in small and remote schools be given access to a new generation of education?

Smart School Alliance

An online and offline community creating equal learning rights for the next generation in small and remote schools around the world.

What is Smart School Alliance?

I-Chang Tsai, Deputy Director General, Digital Education Institute
“Smart School Alliance brings the 'sharing economy' philosophy to education. Even students in the most remote villages have the same learning opportunities as those in the cities.”

I-Chang Tsai, Deputy Director General, Digital Education Institute

In countries such as Taiwan, school principals often struggle to find the best teachers to educate students in remote areas. Because their schools are isolated and often very small, it can be difficult for students to make friends and develop a global view of the world. It is also tricky for rural school teachers to receive training for continuous professional development.

Smart School Alliance, founded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by the Innovation Learning Center, Digital Education Institute and Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan, consists of many small schools who become part of one big online and offline (O&O) school. The alliance provides innovative education services through the use of live webcasting, in addition to bringing the abundant resources of museums, the publishing industry, training agencies, technology companies and NGOs to create an exciting, well-rounded, globalised curriculum connecting students' learning to the world.

The aim is let students study locally but learn globally. Smart School Alliance invites top teachers from metropolitan areas to instruct students of outlying islands online, in order to build up their abilities. The alliance also invites students worldwide to share their local cultures, encouraging students to know themselves, understand others and explore the world. This model supports international interaction and improves cultural understanding, encouraging positive exchanges between different regions.

For educators, Smart School Alliance hosts meetings and provides O&O live classroom courses, training in distance teaching skills, interactive seminars and workshops. In addition, the alliance supports educators to co-prepare lessons, co-share equipment and offer the latest trends in learning technology, augmented and virtual reality courses and business.

Since 2013, Smart School Alliance has integrated the resources of over 70 companies from industry, developed over 100 programs, included over 750 schools and shared its work over 10 countries.

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Innovation Overview
6 - 18
Age Group
40 000
2 789
Tips for implementation
Support from the government and multiple teachers is needed to run the project. The number of teachers required will depend on the scope of the project and how many schools it will cover. Schools need access to a laptop with a webcam. The government pays for teacher training, facility installation and subsidies. The general cost per province is $30,000.
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Yen-Yin Wang
HundrED Review

Smart School Alliance strives for global connected learning, bringing together cultures from around the world to create an inclusive learning experience in remote schools. Lessons are taught in a wide range of languages, including English, Chinese, Vietnamese and 7 indigenous tribal languages.


Smart School Alliance is active in 750 schools in Taiwan, reaching 20,000 teachers and students. Traditionally, few teachers are willing to teach in rural areas. This innovation helps to solve the problem.


The simple model is easy for teachers to adopt. The government selects top teachers to carry out the webcasting, so other teachers can learn from the best. Smart School Alliance welcomes any school from around the world to join!


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Distance Learning for New Residents' Languages & Smart School Alliance 教育部【新住民語文課程遠距教學試行計畫】宣傳影片
remote schools
Bogdan Badiu
Building an Equal Learning Right Ecosystem in Asia-Small School Alliance 小校聯盟推動學習平權


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Get to know the Smart School Alliance
Find out more about the alliance and the kind of learning that it offers.
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Set up the online classroom
Use technology to change children’s worlds - and make sure everything runs smoothly!
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Implement O&O interactive live learning
Courses can be designed by individual schools or selected from the courses currently in use at other schools and enterprises.
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Assess the outcome and create a sustainable loop
Gather feedback from learners and improve the model.
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