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An AI-supported app to assess pre-primary age children's abilities to reduce developmental gaps

Teachers are unprepared/struggle to include the 6-7 atypical students in their class. We enable teachers to recognize developmental alterations and look for the causes behind a troubling behavior. NESTI is an AI-supported app to help teachers (i) assess children in 5 key ability areas, (ii) access knowledge products for in class curriculum-based activities, and (iii) connect teachers with parents.



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March 2021
"The NestingPlay project had a positive impact on children's ability to talk, connect with each other and express themselves. Their entire personalities underwent impressive positive changes."

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The number of atypical children is growing exponentially. Teachers are exhausted handling the constant conflicts in the classroom. NestingPlay's goal is to equip teachers with understanding and skills to include atypical children in inclusive classroom activities, in a way that their potential get fully maximized and their relations with the majority students remain positive and nurturing.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

NESTI is an AI-supported app on early childhood education, improving teachers’ competencies to provide quality and inclusive education, especially in developing countries and disadvantaged communities. Most children with developmental delays are not identified early enough to benefit from early interventions. The low-cost open-ended app is a simple tool for teachers (i) to assess development alterations of children (ages 3-6) in 5 key areas compared against several age-specific milestones; (ii) to receive recommendations (tips and tricks, and sample play activities) for in-class use to plan their curriculum-based class activities, reflecting the individual ability sets of their students; and (iii) to connect with parents to create partnerships for the benefit of their children. Ultimately, we aim at building a collaborative AI-supported platform where early childhood education experts, practitioners and parents can communicate and find solutions to real problems.

How has it been spreading?

NESTI was a response to the pandemic when all our training and knowledge sharing activities had to go online. The cornerstone of our methodology, our special assessment, however, could not be simply transferred via Zoom. We had to find a simple, low-cost and easily accessible method for any teacher to access our assessment tool and linked knowledge products. With NESTI, we can also respond to the increased demand we received from other countries (India, Kenya, Romania, Serbia) during the pandemic. Its offline version is applied in all our 100+ kindergartens in Hungary. The app is currently under development.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

NESTI will be accessible through our website ( After registration, teachers can make the assessment for each of their students, and receive customized Tips&Tricks and recommendations for play activities in inclusive classrooms. Through NESTI, teachers can connect with parents directly initiating communications, so that the same mindset they could share in school and at home.

Spread of the innovation

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