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Sebit VCloud

Next Generation Educational Communication and Collaboration Platform

SEBİT’s Global Education Cloud (VCloud) solution is the gateway to successfully providing 1-to-1 Education in the cloud for all stakeholders in education: students, teachers, schools, administrators, and Ministries of Education. Sebit VCloud provides a unique platform for teaching and learning needs, before, during, and after class.


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October 2020
"If you want to adapt to the changes in education in the 21st century you can do this with a new generation educational platform "Sebit VCloud" that enables educational social collaboration."

About the innovation

Next Generation Educational Communication and Collaboration Platform

Technology is rapidly transforming the world and changing the way we learn. Although education is a deep-seated discipline compared to many others, it is now gaining a new shape nurtured by the efficiency, flexibility and convenience that technology brings.

Today’s forms of learning are not limited to a single model or just classroom activities. To meet the evolved learning needs of the new generation, there is an ongoing pursuit of creating collaborative and personalized learning environments.

At this point, a need for innovative learning methods is emerging and the structures transforming the learning environments are now needed more than ever. In order to produce the professionals for the future jobs we have not even considered until now, new learning environments suitable for the education paradigm of this new era emerge.

Why Sebit V-Cloud?

In-class learning alone does not provide enough for students and teachers. With the benefits of technology and the new era, a new kind of education platform that is accessible anywhere and anytime, includes all learning materials, and extends the learning process beyond school boundaries is needed. As a result of this need, the Sebit V-Cloud platform has emerged as a powerful resource for educators and students. With its personalized learning approach in educational technologies, both learning and socializing have been made possible on the same platform. Besides instruction, content production, administration, and communication processes are included in this platform enabling everything to be accumulated on a single platform – Sebit V-Cloud. With the help of Sebit V-Cloud, institutions become part of the Education 3.0 transformation, integrating technology into learning, as they measure student performance and teacher competencies. The Turkish Ministry of Education has been one of these institutions since 2015 powering their EBA (Education and Information Network – www.eba.gov.tr) platform with Sebit V-Cloud, which is available to all teachers and students in Turkey, reaching more than 10 million users per year.

Sebit V-Cloud, a collaborative learning platform that embraces technology to empower various learning paradigms like flipped learning, social learning, project based learning, peer learning etc. includes the following modules:

• Education Planning and Management System

• Rich Content and Tests

• Assessment Item, Test and Content Production System

• e-Portfolio for students including academic progress, achievements, extracurricular activities, etc.

• Educational Social Collaboration Features like discussions, polling, content sharing and events

• Measurement and Evaluation, and Closing the Gaps utilizing smart personal recommendation based on assessments.

• Live Classrooms (VClass )

• Professional Development for Teachers

• School Management Tools and Features

• Messaging

     a. Send messages to either single identities or groups of users

     b. Receive notifications upon receipt of messages

• Issue Management

The Solution was launched in 2014 and evolved every year. It became the underlying platform of the government education portal, EBA in 2015, as well as being used by hundreds of private schools. Since its inception, it has evolved every year with the addition of new services in terms of learning, teaching and professional development functionalities. As of today, millions of users rely on VCloud to support and continue education every day.

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