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Maker Academy - Kidspire Vietnam

Empower/Inspire/Motivate Vietnamese orphan children into the STEAM - Maker Movement, creating global citizens that solve local problems

Maker Academy brings an equal educational opportunity, and re-designs a learning environment for Vietnamese orphan children. Using design thinking, project-based and personalized learning, hands-on activities, integrated social emotional learning, and joining global contests/movements to develop a growth mindset, that brings out the maker in each child, creating global citizens that solve local problems.

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March 2018
We combine design thinking and project-based learning to bring out the maker in every child that can solve local problems with a global citizenship mindset.

About the innovation

What is Maker Academy for Vietnamese orphan children?

We (Kidspire Vietnam - also as known as Orphan Impact) believe that each child already has special seeds inside that will flourish in different ways depending on the educational environments they are immersed in.

We would love to bridge the educational gap for disadvataged children, inspiring them in learning and helping them to prepare for their future after leaving the orphanage. We provide a free training program to develop core competencies, so that they can become global citizens who can solve local problems: empathy, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and grit.

During the last 2 years, more than 300+ children from 7 different orphanages throughout Vietnam directly benefited from the Maker Academy program of Kidspire Vietnam with more than 200+ Maker/STEAM activities.

The classroom can be indoors or outdoors and set up with 3-5 different stations so that children can choose which station they would love to join on the day. The stations could be related to: circuitry, experiments, engineering, coding, robotics, maker activities, global movements/contests (ex. Google Code-in: a largest online global contest encouragingyoung people into open source; or Technovation: a global movement to empower girls into technology - solve real-world problems through technology...). We create the best environment, so students are given the opportunity to become aware about the world outside orphanges.

We would love to reach more than 1000+ children throughout Vietnam in the next 2 years.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability


This maker academy is innovative in that it empowers children from socio economically deprived backgrounds to gain critical skills through an inclusive academy.


This academy has a huge impact for Vietnamese orphans . There is typically not a lot of opportunity to be involved in maker activities and prepare for a future once they leave the orphanage . In Vietnam, typically only international schools can do these activities. Maker Academy gives children the opportunity to do these activities in a free classroom, and opens a new world for them.


In 6 different areas in Vietnam. Expanding to 3 more in the next year.

Implementation steps

Find an orphanage that would love to have a Maker Academy Program

You need to search and find which orphanage would love to have a Maker Academy Program for their children and sign an agreement. The program will need teachers and supplies that can providefree training programs for children.

Train teachers to lead classes

- Teachers are trained to lead enagaged and high quality classes:

+ Understanding design

+ Design Thinking

+ Train the trainers

+ Classroom Management

+ STEAM Learning

+ Project based Learning

+ Social Emotional Learning

+ Sustainable Development Goals


Train volunteers to support classes

Volunteers will be trained to support classes

We trained more than 150+ volunteers to support in the Maker Academy Program of Orphan Impact. This is the group of volunteers from HSBC Vietnam.

Provide carefully planned lessons

- Teachers must try the activities before they teach the students

- Providecarefully planned lessons to engage students

- Let students learn, do, make and tinker

This photo is anexample of one activity about stop motion creating

Provide kits/supplies to use in Maker classes

Depending on the maker activities, we will provide kits/supplies for students to tinker with: Chromebooks, Makey Makey, Dash & Dot, Hummingbird kits, Microbit...

Continually ask for feedback and modify the program accordingly

We use many ways to get feedback from students: reflection activites, google form, digital portfolios, interview directly...

Spread of the innovation

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