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We believe in a world of dignity where every young from Sub-Saharan Africa has access to Quality Education through Innovative solutions.

Despite the efforts made over the past few years, access to education in Sub-Saharan Africa remains a challenge. The great ambition of SCOLARYX through its educational Box solution with accessible lessons, videos, and animations content without the need of internet connection is to democratize access to quality education for no less than 2,000,000 young people who have dropped out of school.



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Target group
May 2020
Quality education for all is a pledge of transformation and personal and collective development, of fulfillment and peace

About the innovation


ICTs offer possibilities, facilities and disproportionate capacities for the transmission of knowledge and allow access to information which improves learning and collaboration between learners.

  1. SCOLARYX innovative digital educational solutions are made up of a set of educational video, audio and written course content specific to each country ; 
  2. A discussion forum for each class level allowing the sharing of information between learners ; 
  3. Skilled teachers who respond to all learners' concerns ; 
  4. Self-assessments are designed to improve the creativity and leadership mind of learners through the use of Deep and Adaptative automated tests ; 
  5. Digital reports allow each parent to monitor their children's progress in real time ; 
  6. Official exam preparation tests, orientation tests; personalized follow-up for each learner.

SCOLARYX educational solutions are available online through www.scolaryx.com platform and offline thanks to our mini-box which allows the solution to be shared on several terminals without internet connection, thus allowing learners in isolated areas to benefit from quality Education.

SCOLARYX is in a process of mastery of digital by all, several African teachers give computer lessons to students without being able to physically master the computer or even the internet tool. Teacher's training projects in the use of ICTs are an integral part of our strategy to enable everyone to benefit from quality education.

SCOLARYX aims to provide all students with a stimulating educational environment and conditions conducive to the development of skills that will ensure their educational success in terms of qualification, socialization and instruction. The solution was designed for all without any distinction of sex or social status so that each child, whatever his origin and his financial situation can have access to quality education.


The Internet has created bridges between generations, we just use the power to equalize the levels and skills acquired. At SCOLARYX, we believe that there should not be any disparities between learner Prasha who studies at PUNE in India and learner Annie who studies at DOUALA in Cameroon. Access to the educational base of SCOLARYX online is relatively simple. We have integrated an intelligent engine that adapts to the learner's learning pace and anticipates favorite content and suggests lessons based on the learner's preferences. Parents benefit from a permanent reporting model that gives them real-time evolution of the learning journey of their offspring. Teachers benefit from a tool in the era of time to adapt their mode of knowledge transfer to technological tools allowing a better perception of knowledge. Our technology integrates course content following a universal educational approach in three stages: (A) Acquire - In this module, the Learner is immersed in the fundamentals necessary to acquire knowledge. It's basically about watching, reading, memorizing the basics, instruction, recitation, singing. (B) Build - The learner builds his knowledge by carrying out experiments, he is called to use the acquired fundamentals to solve problems. Synthesis and analysis efforts are required under the guidance of a tutor who does not interfere in the educational path. (C) Create - The Learner is made to compare what he has learned to real life situations, to which he must find specific answers. The issues are more complex and involve concepts that are often multidisciplinary.More details: SCOLARYX GUIDE TOUR
Since September 2019, SCOLARYX has been selected by UNICEF as Technical Partner in the context of the deployment of its Educational Box in the Eastern region prey to irregularities in internet connection and disparities in the electricity network. The BOX SCOLARYX has a double advantage, it contains quality lessons without the need for internet connection, it has a solar energy charging module. Factors conducive to successful integration into this hostile environment. UNICEF’s ‘Connect My School’ program has been successfully implemented in six schools: two in the Far North Region (Baigai Public School and Minawao Refugee Camp), two in the East (Abou Boutila and Timangolo) and two in the capital of Yaoundé.   Since the success of the pilot, UNICEF has been working with public and private donors to bring the satellite units to more than 100 schools in the most vulnerable regions of the country. The future goals for the project include uploading pre-recorded audio classes on the tablets, and using video calls to connect students in Cameroon to students across the world - turning student’s dream into reality.
In the margins of a press conference held with the Ministry of Secondary Education, the Founder of SCOLARYX describes the action program and the strategic objectives. SCOLARYX then sets itself the audacious objective of reaching 2,000,000 learners before the end of 2021
Each year African Union publishes an official Handbook of the most promising solutions on the African continent. Among the selection criteria are: scalability, innovative character, socio-economic impact, traction, contribution to sustainable development. SCOLARYX was the subject of the publication of the reference Handbook of the African Union for the year 2019. More details: AFRICAN UNION HANDBOOK 2019
35 schools already enroled in SCOLARYX NETWORK
SCOLARYX digital solutions also include a version that can be deployed in a school with course content personalized by Teachers and Restricted exchange forums between students from the same school. Our ambition is not to replace traditional education, but to support it with Innovative Technologies allowing the learner to better visualize the concepts of learning. When a student finishes a lesson in Sciences on the mechanical motor, he can then connect to the SCOLARYX platform to view an animation illustrating each step in the operation of a mechanical motor. Thanks to SCOLARYX, the lessons stop  being abstract notions and come to life in the minds of young learners who then have content of same quality to that of developed countries.
In most countries of sub-Saharan Africa, the average internet penetration rate is 25%. A solution of access to Education accessible everywhere and at anytime, must necessarily be freed from the Internet. It is for this reason that we have developed the BOX SCOLARYX. It consists of : 1.  A micro-server with WiFi and TV access, 2.  Tens of thousands of courses based on a universal educational approach, 3.  A pack of smartphones equipped with Wifi to connect to the micro-server and access the courses, 4.  The SCOLARYX box allows you to connect up to 20 learners.
In Sub-Saharan Africa, the use of the Internet and smartphones remains limited. At SCOLARYX, we believe that Television is the most efficient and accessible way to reach learners in disadvantaged areas. Very often national public Televisions are accessible thanks to easy-to-design relay antennas. We have initiated a series of broadcasts to raise awareness and equip young people in fields as varied as: Leadership, Literature, Sciences. The main purpose is to awaken in them self-learning skills.
SCOLARYX selected in NIGERIA by the COVID-19 Response Committee
As the COVID19 crisis rages around the world, governments have had to take measures to compensate for the closure of schools planned in some cases until October 2020. The Ministry of Education of the Federal Republic of NIGERIA in response to the crisis has issued a recommendation to use a number of alternative solutions through Technology, SCOLARYX was part of them. To know more: https://education.gov.ng/education-innovations-handbook-2019/
The real Champions
They are not yet 12 years old but already the stars are full of eyes. At SCOLARYX, we believe that there is no better peer educator than a student to lead the way for classmates. IN FACT THEY ARE THE REAL CHAMPIONS !Thus, each Weekend, we select and train young students to use SCOLARYX technologies, and to leadership so that in turn, they transmit to their classmates with academic difficulties, and to young people who have dropped out of School to embark on the active life. We believe that there is no better testimony to a young person than that of a young person of the same age, from the same region, to reverse the trend, reduce crime and thereby democratize the possibilities of success for everyone.
Each year the SCOLARYX Community is deployed in some remote area to reach out to these young people who live far from urban comfort. January 2019, in Mouanko, a village in Cameroon, the SCOLARYX junior Amabassadors met the young Anne Berthe. She is a young student who could soon stop classes because her parents, who do not have sufficient financial means, have chosen to invest in her younger brother, just because he is a young man. OH YES. Many families believe till today that the young man should be privileged in schooling, to the detriment of young woman who support mothers in households before sinking into early pregnancies and precariousness. Thanks to our digital Educative Kit, Anne Berthe now has access to quality lessons, even while at home. The hope of a fulfilled woman is reborn again in this distant locality. #OurJourneyIsJustBeginning

Implementation steps

Everything starts with compassion

Teachers, Junior Ambassadors, Parents, Governmental Institutions, NGOs ... 

Join our network on our website: www.scolaryx.com and consult our news feeds on www.blog.scolaryx.com

Your School can join the adventure right now !

Step 1: You are in charge of a school, a training center or a multimedia center connected to the internet or not

Step 2: Contact the SCOLARYX team on our website: www.scolaryx.com

Step 3: We deploy most of our innovations within your institution

Step 4: We train your Teachers and Learners in the use of our innovative solutions

Partnership with SCOLARYX

Feel free to get in touch with us: info@scolaryx.com

We integrate the best of Education in New Technologies

To date, we have developed:

Innovation 1: An interactive online platform allowing learners to benefit from educational content, Teachers to supervise their students and parents to have real-time reporting of their child's development.

Innovation 2: We also have an educational tablet with didactic lessons that can work without an internet connection.

Innovation 3: The SCOLARYX mini-box, an innovation awarded by the African Union, contains no less than 10,000 lessons for learners between 3 and 25 years old. It works without internet connection and has a solar energy charging module.

In case you are interested by one of those innovation, feel free to get in touch: info@scolaryx.com

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