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MARIO Education

Ensuring all students are safe, ready to learn, and thriving.

Facing a global well-being crisis, MARIO Education equips schools with the first evidence-based one-to-one learning system, enhancing critical adult-student relationships. Our platform ensures every student is heard through pulse check-ins, one-to-one conversations, comprehensive conferences, and personalized plans, preventing any child from being isolated or lacking timely interventions.



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April 2024
At MARIO Education, we are building a future in which everyone in the school system is connected and feels known.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Our co-founder spent 18 years as a learning specialist after experiencing extreme bullying first-hand as a high school student. After not having a teacher in school he could confide in and not receiving needed support, his mission as an educator was to ensure no child falls through the cracks and all students have a voice they can use and a trusted adult they can have conversations with.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

MARIO Education equips teachers to facilitate evidence-based one-to-one learning conversations, each lasting 4-7 minutes, supported by professional learning resources and software for seamless implementation. Students complete a brief 1-2 minute check-in every 1-4 weeks during advisory or homeroom to self-assess their well-being, academic progress, and readiness to learn. Alerts are sent to specialists if a student is at risk, providing crucial insights for meaningful interactions. Additionally, students co-create and regularly update personalized learning plans. All students develop stronger student-teacher relationships through a series of learning conversations throughout the year. The student-produced data enhances the effectiveness of the schools' multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), enabling early interventions for students needing tier 2 or tier 3 support. For tier 2 or tier 3 interventions, conversations occur 2-3 times weekly via special education or counseling services.

How has it been spreading?

MARIO Education started in Southeast Asia, where our co-founder, Philip Bowman, was based. Originally providing professional development courses on how to implement effective one-to-one learning conversations, MARIO spread rapidly in September 2022 when a 6-year retrospective study of the impact of our one-to-one learning conversations was published in NASEN’s Support for Learning Journal and the effect size was measured at Cohen’s co-efficient .91. The Beta-version of the MARIO for Me supporting software was launched in January of 2023, and as of April 2024 has over 40 schools using or planning to use the software to ensure all students are safe, ready to learn, and thriving. Recently, our growth has accelerated as our co-founder was named The School Leader of 2024 by EdTech Digest.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Please get in touch with us to schedule a conversation so that we can provide the right support.

For international schools, schedule a call with Graeme Scott directly at

For U.S.-based schools, reach out to Ray Weaver at

For school groups or organizations, reach out to Philip Bowman at

Implementation steps

Schedule a call with our team to understand your needs. For international schools, schedule a call with Graeme Scott directly at For U.S.-based schools, reach out to Ray Weaver at For school groups or organizations, reach out to Philip Bowman at
Set Up
Set up student, teacher, counselor, and school leadership accounts and customize teacher training.
Train and Launch
MARIO Education provides teacher training and support to ensure success for launch day.
Follow Up and Optional Upskilling
Our School Success team regularly checks in with implementation leads at your school. In addition, all staff members have access to a range of our self-study courses (eligible for graduate-level credit through the University of San Diego), including how to implement one-to-one learning conversations effectively. To become a certified MARIO one-to-one conversation specialist, staff can take a semi-synchronous course with one of our MARIO Coaches.
Admin Reports
Our team regularly works with school leadership to understand and leverage their data.

Spread of the innovation

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