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Invigos - Empowering everyone to be a good writer.

Digital tool providing inspiration and guidance for well-written texts.

Invigos’ cloud-based writing tool offers ‒ unlike MS Word and Google Docs ‒ inspiration to get started and guidance to continually manage the complexities of creating a well-written text. Ultimately, you develop not only your text, but your ability and motivation to write. Invigos combines cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art research in neuroscience, education and computational linguistics.



HundrED shortlisted this innovation

HundrED has shortlisted this innovation to one of its innovation collections. The information on this page has been checked by HundrED.

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March 2018
I really recommend Invigos! I have tested the program as a student and also helped to develop it. Invigos writing tool: 10/10 points!

About the innovation

What is Invigos?

Good writing starts from focusing on content and structure. This is why Invigos starts with a mindmap.

Children learn effectively from each other. Invigos lets them read and give feedback on each other's writings.

Early feedback during learning effort is more efficient than feedback after the effort has ended. In Invigos reviews happen in three phases during the work. Reviews are standardised with checklists and an assessment matrix. The reviewes come from classmates, from teacher and from oneself.

Nobody wants to drown in errors. Invigos language checker points out, which grammatical rules writer has already mastered, what he has almost learned, and what are the three next rules to concentrate in.

Interdisciplinary teaching develops children more than keeping them in the box of one subject only. Teachers can share assignments, and students will work on the same assignment during different classes.

Teachers are busy and required to follow curriculums, Invigos saves their time and helps create assignments that are based on those curriculums.

Talented students can go deep into the subject and work independently. Struggling students can start with small easy steps. Invigos reduces the burden of teachers and allow different kinds of students proceed independently at their own pace.

Writing is about inspiration, Invigos studies inspiration and provides tools to kindle it.

Implementation steps

Implementation in Sweden
If you are a teacher in Sweden, you can start using Invigos right away for free with your class. Create your assignment with the support of our ready-made material. Ask your students to join. Follow in real-time, how they go through prewriting, drafting and revising phases, how they learn from each other's writings and give peer reviews. Allow them work independently at their own pace, using instruction steps, self reviews and our unique language checker that points out only the most important mistakes, and congratulates students on what they have mastered already!

Spread of the innovation

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