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Science Bee

Learn like never before

To ensure quality education for all and make science education more popular and accessible, Science Bee is working to improve science education in Bangladesh. Its long-term goal and aspirations are to make a society free from all types of superstition and make science education available for all classes of people. Science Bee is now a community of over 1.2 Million learners.



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August 2023
Science education in Bangladesh is neglected. This perception should be changed. For this reason, Science Bee is providing free education to all students, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or social status. Our goal is to make scientists and researchers from Bangladesh. So to make our goal successful, we are helping them with STEM courses and the necessary materials for innovative approaches

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Science Bee's founder, Mobin Sikder, saw many of his classmates struggling with their lessons; sometimes they couldn’t understand the topic, and sometimes there was a lack of authentic information. He's seen huge discrimination among the students who live in urban areas and others who live in village areas. Students living in rural areas were deprived of proper guidelines and good instructors.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Science Bee has Bangladesh's largest Science-based website, with over 200,000 monthly active students, most of whom are from rural areas. Our on-campus project was 'Biggyan Kormoshala'. We have arranged seminars in more than 15 different schools, where we have been able to teach more than 5,000 students directly. We have also launched Bangladesh's first live talk show on science. The topmost scientists and popular technology-related people come as guests in this show to teach students about their respective fields. We have reached about 1 million people with this show. Till now, we have arranged 40+ competitions on various topics and also organized an event to help students who are depressed. About 10,000 students took part in it, and the event successfully reached 1,42,000 students. Besides, we have a monthly prize-giving option in our Q&A section, where every month, the top 3 contributors are presented with gifts to encourage them to ask and answer more questions.

How has it been spreading?

Mobin Sikder, the founder of Science Bee, received 'The Diana Award' in 2023, established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, United Kingdom. He also won the 'IVD Bangladesh Volunteer Awards 2021' from UNV and the Bangladesh Government for his work in the education sector. Moreover, Science Bee was honored with the 'BYLC Volunteer Awards 2021', 'Funding For Bangladesh 1.0', and the 'YSSE Global Education Award' for our contributions to e-learning. We have gained media coverage in top Bangladeshi newspapers and media outlets as well. Our upcoming gamified app will offer STEM courses, quizzes, ebooks, news, and so on, promoting accessible learning. We have planned to create more practical video content so that tough science-related topics can be easily understood.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Anyone with an active internet connection can use our service in any context. They can visit our website anytime and read news, blogs, and ebooks. To learn from our website, there is no need to open an account. But if someone wants to receive notifications on our regular updates or wants to earn points by contributing, they can easily open an account in our Q&A section.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

I love how social media is being used as a platform to share knowledge and help children learn. This will help in reaching and impacting a lot more students.

The innovation catches the right target group with the right content, the social media provides a huge opportunity for scaling. Organically growing on social media shows the potential of scalability.

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

Our Website
Students can visit the country's largest science-based website, and register there for free, to access thousands of free resources like science news, blogs, e-books, and videos. They can also ask questions and get answers from an expert panel. All those are gamified models; they can earn points and badges.
Our Facebook Page
Students can visit our official Facebook page at to explore infographic posts, articles, educational memes, videos, and live programs that cover various fields of knowledge. They can learn about what is happening around the world in science, technology, mathematics, and more. Discover scientific explanations about different incidents and dive into captivating subjects.
Facebook Group
Our Facebook group,, is a wonderful platform to connect with over 640,000 students across the nation. It serves as a vibrant hub for community learning, where students support and collaborate with each other to explore various facets of education in subjects like science, technology, engineering, and more.

Spread of the innovation

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