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Wellbeing. Motivation. Learning results.

School Day Wellbeing

Helsinki, Finland
Making school wellbeing a natural part of every school day to remove all barriers from learning. Provides a safe, simple and real-time channel and voice for students’ and teachers’ in their wellbeing. Analytics and insights making wellbeing phenomena visible early on for actionable light touch classroom interventions. Learning doesn’t happen without wellbeing.

What is School Day Wellbeing?

Mika Kasanen, Co-founder & CEO
“We want to amplify student voice to remove all barriers from learning.”

Mika Kasanen, Co-founder & CEO

Student wellbeing has a direct link to motivation, learning and results. Therefore, it is worth investing in.

But what concrete actions can a school do to support its students’ wellbeing?

School Day's Wellbeing solution brings student, teacher and school community wellbeing topics into a natural part of every school day. It provides an opportunity for fast, real-time and interactive collection of wellbeing information.

At the same time, valuable wellbeing awareness is created: students learn the importance of different factors affecting wellbeing in their own schoolwork.

What if the school always knew how students and teachers are doing right now? How much did the class sleep last night? How was their energy this morning? Or how did the big change last week affect the moods?

Continuous gathering of wellbeing data makes wellbeing phenomena visible for early interventions - and celebrating positives in the classroom. 

The application also provides students and teachers with the feeling that their wellbeing matters. It is a user-friendly and easy way to increase the positive atmosphere and communication at schools.

Many times, it’s all about the small questions. For example, you can ask about school spirit or feeling of safety from the students.

Or what would you like to ask your own students today?

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6 - 18
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10 000
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iOS Android Chromebook
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School Day | Latest
"School Day really emproves the mood in school." - Eero, student
"It's better to learn when you feel happy." - Olga, student


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