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Learning doesn’t happen without wellbeing. School Day provides a channel and voice for students and teachers in their wellbeing.

School Day Wellbeing

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Making school wellbeing a natural part of every school day to remove all barriers from learning. School Day’s solution provides a safe, simple and real-time channel and voice for students and teachers in their wellbeing. Analytics and insights making wellbeing phenomena visible early on for actionable light touch classroom interventions. Learning doesn’t happen without wellbeing.
Mika Kasanen, Co-founder & CEO
School Day collects, analyzes, explains, and develops student wellbeing and SEL skills for schools to improve learning outcomes

Mika Kasanen, Co-founder & CEO


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Updated on April 22nd, 2021
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What is School Day Wellbeing?

Student wellbeing has a direct link to motivation, learning and results. Therefore, it is worth investing in.

But what concrete actions can a school take to support its students’ wellbeing?

School Day's Wellbeing solution makes student, teacher and school community wellbeing topics a natural part of every school day. It provides an opportunity for fast, real-time and interactive collection of wellbeing information.

At the same time, valuable wellbeing awareness is created: students learn the importance of different factors affecting wellbeing in their schoolwork.

What if the school always knew how students and teachers were doing? How much did the class sleep last night? How was their energy this morning? Or how did the big change last week affect the moods?

Continuous gathering of wellbeing data makes wellbeing phenomena visible for early interventions - and helps celebrating positives in the classroom. 

The solution also provides students and teachers with the feeling that their wellbeing matters. It is a user-friendly and easy way to increase the positive atmosphere and communication at schools.

Many times, it’s all about the small questions. For example, you can ask the students about school spirit or feeling of safety.


HundrED Academy Review

There is a clear demand for initiatives which can practically embed a focus on wellbeing into the school day. This is a clear, compelling and simple solution to make the concept of wellbeing tangible in the school day. I really like this innovation and would wholeheartedly support it.

- HundrED Academy Member

An important innovation with a good impact (20000 users) since inception. There is fair evidence of scalability (reach to 19 nations).

- HundrED Academy Member
School Day Wellbeing is making wellbeing a priority in education by assessing it at a school level and providing school leaders with insight on the state of their students. Their technology, is easily scaled in areas with high connectivity. As the innovation develops, we hope that more pedagogical resources and tools are provided to help leaders and teachers help their students in need.
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Article (in Finnish) published in Helsingin Sanomat, the largest subscription newspaper in Finland and the Nordic countries, February 2019. 
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"School Day Really Emproves The Mood In School." - Eero, Student
"It's Better To Learn When You Feel Happy." - Olga, Student


Achievements & Awards

August 2020
School Day Made it to the Nordic-Baltic EdTech 50 List
June 2020
School Day Wellbeing has been viewed over 1000 times
February 2020
SXSW Edu Startup Launch Finalist
August 2019
Top 10 EdTech Startups In Europe 2019
June 2019
ISTE Education Community Member
May 2019
May 2019
GESS Education Awards Finalist 2019
April 2019
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