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Sana is a personalized learning platform powered by AI to ensure learners reach mastery in half the time, and remember it 3x longer.

Sana is an AI-powered learning platform that personalizes learning at scale. Harnessing recent breakthroughs in machine learning, Sana ensures learners reach mastery twice as fast as benchmarks, and retain knowledge three times longer. Based on how each individual learns, Sana finds each individuals’ unique and optimal path and makes learning personalized, measurable and engaging.



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November 22nd, 2022
"Thanks to the Sana platform, our educators can use the vast amount of learner-generated data, and tailor instruction to the background, ability and development of each learner.”

About the innovation

Sana is AI for learning

Since the foundation of Sana Labs in 2016, the founders have successfully established an exceptional team of over 30 specialists across tech, marketing and business development. Under their leadership, the Sana technology won all categories on all evaluation metrics at Duolingo’s global AI competition, proving itself to be best-in-world at prediction of knowledge gaps. 

Sana's success is shown through significant milestones. Firstly, a closed study showed learning results increased by 15%, despite learners only spending 5% of their time on the platform. In another closed study with the world’s largest education provider, the Sana technology demonstrated an 80% proficiency improvement and 34% increase in learner engagement, versus 4-5% for typical benchmarks.

Most recently, Sana successfully leveraged personalized learning and was reconfigured to meet the increased demand in global healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In less than 1 week we: developed an operational strategy for mass reskilling of nurses into COVID specialists; signed partnerships with both Mount Sinai in the US and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden; and deployed our personalized platform to 80,000 new learners, while simultaneously servicing our existing learners. This was a major achievement that demonstrated the versatility and agility of our team to rapidly develop and roll-out world-class personalized learning at scale, impacting hundreds of thousands of individuals. 

Over the coming years, Sana will power personalized learning for millions of learners around the globe.


Women in Tech 2020 | Anna Nordell Westling, Co-founder and CMO of Sana Labs
Anna Nordell Westling, Sana Labs co-founder and CMO
Svensk AI ska rädda New Yorks intensivvård | SvD
Increasing Learning Outcomes through Spaced Repetition
Improving Learning Outcomes Through Spaced Repetition
Sana Labs wins all categories in Duolingo’s global AI competition
Sana Labs wins all categories in Duolingo's global AI competitionhttps://medium.com/@sanalabs/sana-labs-wins-all-categories-in-duolingos-global-ai-competition-fac219ac047b
Sana Labs – Medium
21-årige AI-snillet: "Vi ska ta över världen"
VA | Joel Hellermark - All organisations will be affected by artificial intelligence within five yearshttps://www.va.se/nyheter/2018/01/29/21-arige-ai-snillet-vi-ska-ta-over-varlden-vad-galler-digital-utbildning/
BETT 2019 | Artificial Intelligence for Education | Sana Labs CEO, Joel Hellermark
BETT | Keynote by Sana Labs CEO, Joel Hellermark
DI Digital | Sana Labs enters Swedish schools
DI Digital | Sana Labs enters Swedish schoolshttps://digital.di.se/artikel/finansprofilernas-ai-bolag-sana-labs-tar-sig-in-i-svenska-skolan-med-nytt-miljonkontrakt
Artificial Intelligence for Education | Sana Labs CMO, Anna Nordell | Brilliant Minds 2018
Brilliant Minds | CMO, Anna Nordell-Westling
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WIRED | Sana Labs is one of Europe's hottest startups
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Sifted | Sana Labs helps you learn smarterhttps://sifted.eu/articles/sana-labs-takes-on-the-giants-in-edtech/
Yahoo Finance | Stockholm start-up is using AI to disrupt $6 trillion education industry
Yahoo Finance Interview | CEO, Joel Hellermark

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