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Innovative, personalized professional learning for student's growth

Use data to plan, apply and reflect through a research based, individualized innovative professional learning journey to improve student outcomes.


Information on this page is provided by the innovator and has not been evaluated by HundrED.

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March 2021
My thinking towards the learning community, data, research, decision making, collaboration and focuses of practice has developed so much. I have learnt that collaboration and community are key.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Professional learning (PL) offerings are more impactful and relevant when they are personalized, answer a personal inquiry, are data driven and are job embedded.
This PL was designed to ensure all educators can benefit from a reflective experience to answer their own questions, based on data in their quest to continuously improve their students’ learning.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

PETAL participants will identify, frame and describe a focus of practice and grow their capacity to improve it. Participants collect, analyze and interpret data, plan and implement inquiry cycles to inform their decisions for teaching and learning.
They participate, individually and collaboratively in 30 hours of synchronous and asynchronous engagements. Participate in up to 10 hours of one to one coaching in addition to engaging in 24 hours of online independent work.
Participants have support throughout the program from their cohort of colleagues as well as from certified coaches. The combination of synchronous, asynchronous and online learning offers a balance for participants to manage their time and to record their own learning in an e-portfolio. At the end of their learning journey, participants share their learning and showcase how they tackled their focus of practice, were reflective practitioners and how they plan to continue their learning.

How has it been spreading?

PETAL grew from having participants from Qatar Foundation schools only to accepting participants from various schools (private and public schools) in Qatar.
PETAL is accessible to both English and Arabic speakers, allowing a wider variety of participants with different contexts and backgrounds to join the program.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

As the program is growing and gaining momentum, it can be accessed and joined by participants from all over the world. Its virtual provision (the positives of COVID-19) allows accessibility to anyone interested in becoming a reflective data-driven practitioner.

Spread of the innovation

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