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RunBoost: Elevating Youth Performance

Empowering the Next Generation, One Stride at a Time.

RunBoost transforms Physical Health Education by merging resistance training with running for middle schoolers. Enhancing endurance makes fitness tests fun and attainable. Focused on more than speed, RunBoost cultivates a health-conscious, active generation ready to exceed fitness goals, promote lifelong wellness habits, and underscore our commitment to student well-being.


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March 2024
RunBoost revolutionizes physical education, aiming to enhance student engagement and health through progressive resistance exercise. It nurtures perseverance, teamwork, and a healthier lifestyle, showing clear benefits in physical and mental health. This initiative strives for a profound shift in educational approaches to fitness, promoting lifelong health and teamwork values among students.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

RunBoost improves cardiovascular endurance in students through progressive resistance and cardio training, enhancing performance in Taiwan's Physical Fitness Tests. Evidence shows significant gains in students' endurance and running, as well as in meeting educational health Its integration into physical education curricula promotes academic relevance and lifelong wellness, advocating its adoption.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

In practice, my innovation, "RunBoost: Elevating Youth Performance," is a research-backed training regimen introduced after a year-long study from 2021-2022. It comprises a four-week progressive resistance exercise (PRE) intervention conducted three times weekly in 50-minute sessions. The approach was scientifically tested among 7th and 8th-grade students at Ming Dao High School, with assessments including PACER and standardized fitness tests. It emphasizes enhancing cardiovascular endurance, which is essential for improved running performance. Results from the quasi-experimental study showed significant benefits for both normal and overweight students, underscoring the effectiveness of PRE in physical education programs. It's recommended for wider use in schools to prepare students for annual fitness assessments, particularly in cardiorespiratory tests. The innovation continues to be practiced based on its proven impact on students' running abilities.

How has it been spreading?

The current success of "RunBoost: Elevating Youth Performance" within Mingdao High School's International Department sets a strong foundation for its broader academic and practical impact. Its upcoming publication in an academic journal represents a pivotal moment for the program, offering a platform for extensive peer review and endorsement within the educational research community. This recognition is expected to amplify the program's credibility and facilitate its adoption in varied educational settings, potentially influencing physical education practices and student fitness standards globally. The anticipation surrounding its publication underscores the program's innovation and the tangible benefits it has already demonstrated in enhancing student performance and well-being.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To implement "RunBoost," obtain approvals and consent, screen participants for fitness, and categorize by BMI. Divide them into groups, conduct baseline pre-tests, and start the 4-week program with 50-minute sessions three times weekly. Evaluate with mid and post-tests, analyzing results to assess the impact on running performance.


Implementation steps

RunBoost: Elevating Youth Performance
To implement "RunBoost": Obtain consent from school authorities and parents.
Screen students for health
Pre-test with PACER and physical fitness tests.
Start the progressive resistance exercise program.
Conduct a mid-test after two weeks.
Continue the program, then perform a post-test.

Spread of the innovation

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