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Every teacher equipped and supported for children to thrive and succeed.

'LeadNow!', designed for low-tech and low-resource environments, utilizes remote training and coaching tools to equip teachers with the new competencies and mindset shifts needed to support learner achievement and well-being in the face of ongoing system shocks. This LMS leverages insight and strength from Dignitas' award winning model, motivating and equipping every teacher to thrive and succeed.

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March 2023
Every school a vibrant place for children to thrive and succeed!

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Online and blended delivery models were considered a route to scale for Dignitas' award winning training and coaching. COVID-19 accelerated this, presenting an urgent need to keep children's learning and well-being on track. In April 2020, 70% of school leaders believed it was their responsibility to support learners, but 68% didn't know how; whilst only 5% were in contact with 75% of learners.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Dignitas selects partner schools, working with school leadership teams that consist of instructional leaders and school leaders. This usually consists of 3-4 school leaders per school. These teams are then allocated peer learning communities within which the strategies and concepts learnt during Dignitas training and coaching are supported, reinforced and implemented at a school level.

Learning on LeadNow is set in modules that are built around a competency framework that aligns with the current Kenyan competency-based curriculum (CBC). Embedded within LeadNow is a Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) tool that serves as an enhanced remote competency measurement framework where classroom observation is limited.

Individual and group coaching, which leverages reflective practice to transform leadership and classroom practice, is woven throughout the training schedule and is conducted via phone, online feedback, group WhatsApp sessions, and video-conferencing communities of practice.

How has it been spreading?

Dignitas featured on HundrED's Global Collection 2020 and 2021. LeadNow! was birthed in the midst of our covid response and was first piloted as part of our Leaders of Learning program, designed to keep learning and well-being on track during nationwide school closures. First rolled out among a small cohort in Nairobi's informal settlements, the program quickly drew attention, rolling out across 6 counties. Evaluation showed that 98% of participants report having gained new competencies. Teachers supported parents to support learning among 94% of households and learners' literacy and numeracy losses were stemmed.
LeadNow is currently part of the Global Schools Forum's Impact@Scale Labs, which seeks to nurture innovations that aspire to drive large-scale change.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The starting point for teacher professional development is to understand what competencies teachers need to support equitable, quality learning for every child. By reaching out to us directly, Dignitas can design series of training and coaching content to develop frameworks, mindsets, practices and competencies for a specific context.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

LeadNow! helps teachers create peer professional learning communities in low-tech and low-resource environments. Partnering with schools in collaboration with government officials is a key factor for the great impact and sustainability of LeadNow!, as well as developing a strong and visionary school leadership.

HundrED Academy Reviews

Using technology in low-tech environments without the requirement for the internet means this innovation can be prolific across multiple locations. It is easily scalable which will maximize its impact.

Dignitas reports a 30% increase in teacher competence after a year of support which is evidence that the innovation has a significant impact. LeadNow is accessible, easy to access and has been refined to work in varied settings.

- Academy member
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