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Personalised learning support for those who need it most

An engaging, friendly, after school-chatbot tutor built for students to accelerate their math skills, for free, via WhatsApp.



HundrED shortlisted this innovation

HundrED has shortlisted this innovation to one of its innovation collections. The information on this page has been checked by HundrED.

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Target group
Students basic
June 2023
We believe Rori can more than double math learning for students that access the chatbot multiple times a week. We want to reach 2m+ students by 2027, and 5m+ students by 2030.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

200 million children in Africa aren’t achieving minimum levels of proficiency in mathematics.

Research shows that high-quality, high-dosage tutoring is one of the best ways to improve outcomes.

Despite the growing size of the private tutoring market, access to the high-quality provision is out of reach for the vast majority of children. Rori addresses that gap.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Rori is a virtual math tutor built for low-resource settings. Students converse with Rori on their phone, for free, in natural language via WhatsApp.

Rori delivers micro-lessons, asks practice questions and understands students’ answers. Students progress through topics at their own pace.

Conversational format creates a durable, friendly rapport between the bot and the student and promotes meta-cognition.

We are also currently integrating text-to-speech technology that will make the Rori more accessible to children with low-levels of literacy.

How has it been spreading?

Since being launched to the public in November 2022, Rori has reached over 40,000 users across multiple countries for a customer aquisition costs of less than $0.10c per user.

Rori was developed across 30 schools in Ghana, with a large, representative sample of the types of teachers, parents and students who will be using Rori. This has allowed us to follow best practices in human centered design and conduct rapid micro-evaluations as we developed the products capabilities.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The fastest way to experience Rori is by sending to WhatsApp message to our Rori Demo experience on +1(202)9824479. This includes experimental features and is constantly being updated...

If you would like to complete a full user sign-up to access the official Rori product WhatsApp “Hi” to Rori on +1(206)5906259

Implementation steps

Send a WhatsApp-message to Rori on +12065906259
As you would any other WhatsApp number!
Complete Parent Permission Consent Conversation
Rori shares Rising's Privacy Policy and provides an audio explanation of Rori. Parents are then given the option to opt-in or out for their children.
Rori is a robot!
We've designed Rori to feel pretty real, so we have to keep reminding the students that Rori is a chatbot along the way.
Rapport Building
Rori builds rapport through social conversations, tells jokes, and asks information about the student
Math Learning Begins
Students begin their learning journeys, and Rori provides lots of support and encouragement along the way.

Spread of the innovation

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