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Tomás Linares

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Amb Le Ma . Simple to Execute Socio-Educational Tool to Empower Teachers with Measurable Results in 3 areas: Environment, Reading and Math.

Amb-Le-Ma (Ambiente, Lectura y Matemáticas) - Socio Educational Tool

Aragua, Lara, Carabobo, Guárico, Yaracuy. Venezuela
Amblema is an educational tool with the primary purpose of motivating, encouraging and supporting teachers from schools in vulnerable urban and rural communities in Venezuela.

Amb Le Ma - A proven concept in 27 schools and growing, 300+ teachers, 5,700+ students.

Kenny Velazquez, Teacher Amblema School
“AmbLeMa provides me with support, drive, and motivation. It is now part of my good luck, reaffirming the vision that motivates me to be a teacher. It brings to our school the wonderful opportunity to work in a team and the joy of doing a measurably better job with students.”

Kenny Velazquez, Teacher Amblema School

Amblema improves student performance by replicating a simple core curriculum of "Funtastic" activities. It promotes finding a Local Sponsor, Enlisting a School, Training Coordinators, Tutoring Teachers, Executing during School year and Measuring Results. Contrary to burdening teachers with extra clerical work, Amblema's innovation is its simplicity, almost too simple, with proven results.

Amblema focuses on three main areas: Environment, Reading and Mathematics. 

Application is simple and with a streamlined system of tools and support.

The main objectives are to develop:  

- An Environmental Awareness.

- Strong Reading and Writing skills.

- Solid logical-mathematical reasoning.

We accomplish this by involving a local sponsor (companies, businesses, farms or individuals) in an effective social investment. The sponsor provides the necessary resources to implement this socio-educational tool at a local school.

The methodology includes daily activities of teachers with their students. These are very simple activities, that do not modify what each teacher has programmed with their students.

ENVIRONMENT Every week there is an environmental or ecological education activity. In the first years we proposed activities related to environmental ephemeris. This last year we focused on one topic: making each school a "Chocolate Forest". Children and teachers who become experts in something so typical of Venezuela: Cocoa and chocolate. 

READING The TAL Time (All to Read). 9 and a half minutes of daily reading throughout the school. Each teacher - with his or her creativity – encourages and strengthens the habit of reading.   

MATHEMATICS The "Mathematical Moment": a fun daily and dynamic activity to master the multiplication tables. And, The "Mathematical Challenge": a logical-mathematical word problem, adapted by age group.

Key Performance Indicators (Assessments of Reading and Mathematics) At the beginning, middle and end of each school year, students are assessed on fluent reading (number of words read per minute), mastery of multiplication tables and logical-mathematical reasoning. These are repeated in the middle and end of the year to track the progress; after applying the suggested strategies . 

ACHIEVEMENTS (From 2012 to 2018)

Number of schools

Students and staff

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
5 700
2 040
Tips for implementation
Think of a not-for-profit "Franchise" that provides a simple teaching model and resources that are applied locally at each school. It distributes a proven concept with streamlined activities that can be replicated. AmbLeMa provides development support, operating manuals, training, quality control, and measuring of results in the 3 core areas of Environment, Reading and Math. It aims to be independently managed with a clear set of Systems, Tools and Support.
Contact information
Tomás Linares

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A special activity for each school term 
Mathematics Master the basic Math tools and math logic reasoning. A few daily multiplications and a math logic equations, with the input of...
Teachers are the first.MP4
A-M-B for Environment, A-M-B for AMBLEMA: The Chocolate Forest.


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How to implement Amblema in a school?
This is the initial step to implement program and methodology
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Reporting and measurement of results
After the program is implemented we report its results to the sponsor
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