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"Radio, My Best Friend" interactive radio instruction program

place Pakistan

Access to quality learning in low-connectivity settings including strategies and tools for parents

Distance learning program with entertaining, relevant content offering students a way to safely continue their education during pandemic. Due to public broadcast and accessibility, it makes educational inputs accessible to millions of highly mobile populations on a sustained basis. It also reaches families who are invisible or stigmatized and Parents struggling to support their children's learning


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Target group
Students basic
April 2024
The Program is designed as an outreach programme to improve the quality, equity and inclusiveness of education. With the ultimate goal of improving school achievements, the approach aims to: • improve quality of teachers through several capacity building measures • promote child centered practices at primary level • Sensitize parents and community to the importance of education specially gir

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Covid-19 affected 46.8 million children in schools of Pakistan. Due to which interruptions to education had long term implications especially impact on children’s losses in learning and increased dropouts. There was a need to design and implement effective innovative solutions in a relatively short period of time to minimize educational disruption and facilitate continuity of learning for children

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The program's Interactive content has been able to engage children who were in school before pandemic, out of school, drop-outs & from religious institutions. Simple to follow localized content based on Universal cross cutting themes attracted stakeholders from across board. Program has generated evidence where children have adopted pedagogies shared through program for effective teaching and learning of concepts and to use games and concepts learned & practice it with other concepts. A comprehensive assessment exercise was designed according to the DAC evaluation criteria to have a holistic commentary ranging from the design of the project to sustainability and impact of the project. Focal persons visiting communities took pictures, audio/video testimonials from parents and children as reflection on program content and delivery. A WhatsApp group with dedicated hotline received number of messages & calls by parents/communities & children sharing their feedback & suggestions for program

How has it been spreading?

Program was initiated for 35 districts targeting population of 55,411,423. Based on implementation results it is scaled up across Pakistan on national hook-up of Radio Pakistan FM & MW targeting children of 5-10 years. Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Trainings approached POWER99 Foundation for provision of content for "Radio School" that is Govt. initiative. A Letter of Understanding was signed between Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Trainings and POWER99 Foundation for providing content and technical support to Radio Pakistan under Ministry of Information. During next 2-3 years, POWER99 Foundation plans to develop content for higher grades and also expand program to other countries in the region while extending national and international partnerships

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The content is based in universal cross cutting themes ,comprehensive program design that can be adapted in other languages, and a diverse team of professional having years of diversified experience if required. A Memorandum of understanding is to be signed with POWER99 Foundation for adaptation of content. Ms. Fakhira Najib Chief Executive is the authorized person for contact.

Implementation steps

Radio, My Best Friend
The program is implemented through following process:
Orientation of Education Department Officials & Heads
Signing of Memorandum of Understanding
Baseline Survey
40 hours Face to Face Teachers Training
Provision of Radios sets and Resource Materials
Airing of Lessons, Rhymes, promos and testimonials
Classroom observation and ongoing Technical Assistance to Teachers
Sensitization of School Council, Parents/Communities for Support
End-line Assessment
Guidance for Target Audience
Receive training with teachers guide and audio lessons through radio broadcast or live streaming according to the scheduled timeslot. Ensure that learners have access to radios and encourage active participation through interactive activities. Regularly monitor the implementation of the program and evaluate its effectiveness in achieving the learning objectives

Spread of the innovation

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