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Are you looking for an easy-to-use, pupil-oriented, inspiring digital platform for evaluation and learning analytics?


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Qridi introduces pupils and teachers to look at learning and progress as a group and as individuals. Learning is planned and monitored under the teacher’s guidance, future skills are strengthened and personal strengths identified. The learning journey is recorded and made visible with the help of different functionalities. The resulting data acts as an instrument for dialogue in everyday learning.
With Qridi, I have learned how important it is to be able to monitor and evaluate your development and how motivating this is. I have learned a lot about myself and my learning.

Anni 15 years.


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Updated on September 17th, 2021
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I am a diamond!

Qridi is a digital platform for pupils and teachers, which helps schools sustain a new type of an evaluation culture. The idea with developing Qridi was to create an easy-to-use tool that enables pupils to plan and monitor their learning and genuinely inspires and activates them. Pupils become involved in all phases of their learning process under the teacher’s guidance. Learning and its goals are made visible, implementation is documented and learning is reflected upon. Evaluations are a natural part of all activities and the resulting trend lines show a clear direction and the progress made by pupils. The graphs included in the analytics are an excellent instrument of dialogue in everyday learning.

Qridi has been developed in close collaboration with teachers and pupils from the very beginning. Its various elements consist of tools important for learning. A factor common to all the tools is a visual approach that makes learning and progress visible. The resulting description of the learning journey helps pupils understand their learning better and target their efforts towards the goals set for them. The key idea behind portfolio learning introduces Qridi users to the deepest essence of learning. Where do I come from? Where am I right now? Where will I go next?

With Qridi and under the teacher’s guidance, pupils learn self and peer evaluation skills, learning skills and other important future skills. Qridi helps each and every pupil find their strengths as a learner. In fact, an important idea behind Qridi is ”I am a diamond!” With Qridi, all pupils feel unique and important and consider themselves experts in their learning.

For the teacher, Qridi is an excellent work organisation tool. The data recorded offers the possibility for varied dialogue and helps teachers direct their efforts according to needs. Qridi allows teachers to guide and encourage pupils in the desired direction on their individual learning paths. For the work community, Qridi introduces a common language and operating principle, which harmonises the school’s evaluation culture.

Qridi also has a management level user interface. Through that principals and heads of local education can implement skills, values and goals of their municipalities/schools. They can also monitor their progress in a broader scale. Cooperation between the school and home has also been taken into consideration and a separate interface developed for parents.

The very unfortunate event of COVID-19 Pandemic challenged teachers and schools around the globe. Qridi, although designed originally for formative assessment, proved to be an excellent tool to organise remote learning. Activity on our servers multiplied 30 times during the lockdown and we developed a new task card function to help teachers deliver tasks for students and to help students submit documents, photos and videos to teachers. The amount of positive feedback was enormous and we are happy to have served schools well.

During the last year Qridi usage statistics demonstrate 50% increase. Currently we have reached 60000 users. Within the last year we have recruited four new employees, started new projects in three different countries and made it to finals in three international awards.  In near future our plan is to scale up internationally and develop Qridi further to serve learning and teaching even better.


Achievements & Awards

February 2020
Gess Awards Finalist
January 2020
Bett Awards Finalist
December 2019
Silver Winner Europe/Reimagine Educations Award
August 2018
First international customer
August 2018
Qridi 3.0 version was launched
April 2016
Eemeli Award - Best digital solution in Finland

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