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Narrowing the education gap in the world by providing quality digital education.

ProFuturo Digital Education

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We are an innovative digital education programme promoted by Telefónica Foundation and ¨la Caixa¨ Foundation to narrow the education gap in the world by improving the quality of education for millions of children living in vulnerable environments of Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Present in 40 countries, we have benefited 16 million children and trained more than 660,000 teachers.
Through a digital and integral educational solution that combines both teaching and learning methods, modular and adapted to each environment and context, ProFuturo focuses its efforts on ensuring tha

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The transforming power of e-ducation

What we do?

ProFuturo is a digital education programme created by Telefónica Foundation and ¨la Caixa¨ Foundation to narrow the education gap in the world by improving  the  quality of education of boys and girls living in vulnerable environments throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Our vision is to improve the education of millions of children around the world through technology, becoming a global reference of transformation and innovation in education.

To implement our vision and mission, we seek to contribute to solving some of the many factors that trigger the education gap in the world. Specifically, it focuses on the elements that have a direct effect on education quality: the teaching and learning difficulties encountered by teachers and students, as well as the management and organisational limitations of schools, which hinder the improvement of learning.

We live in an increasingly digital world where the two keys to a country’s development are innovation and education. Aware of this, ProFuturo implements a Digital Education Framework that, through innovative digital teaching-learning experiences, enhances:
1. Teachers´ pedagogical and digital skills, and
2. Meaningful student learning.

The framework is modular and flexible, and can be personalised. It can be implemented in any vulnerable environment (conflict zones, or in remote, poor or rural areas), regardless of whether there is an Internet connection or not, and it can be adapted to each school and country.

Why we do it?

Educational quality is a pending task worldwide. According to UNESCO, 130 million children who attend school have not acquired basic knowledge after 4 years of schooling. In this situation, ProFuturo identifies the following key needs and challenges:

• Teacher training and qualification.
• A school-wide approach that enables students to meet the challenges of s. XXI.

Hence, the program focuses specifically on teachers, management teams and boys and girls, indirectly benefiting the rest of the educational community: families and communities, social, educational and institutional agents, and national, regional and local governments, among others.

ProFuturo Teacher Training Strategy

Given that teachers play a vital role in achieving a significant change in the quality of education, at ProFuturo we believe that transformation has to start by strengthening teacher professional development. We need to help equip teachers with 21st century skills, including ICT and innovation, and provide them with tools they need to change and improve education in the digital era.

ProFuturo´s Teacher Training Strategy follows a cascade approach, whereby training is conducted at two levels: ProFuturo experts train a group of coaches that in-turn train teachers. The training is delivered in a blended way: both online and face-to-face.

The strategy introduces teachers gradually into the use of innovative digital teaching-learning experiences and of technology in their teaching practice. To so, in a first phase, teachers learn more broadly what is educational innovation and how introducing technology in the classroom can facilitate their teaching practice and improve student learning. The idea is to motivate them, generate a positive attitude towards innovation and encourage the introduction of technology in schools. This is especially important in places where access and use of technology remains scarce. In the following phases of the training, teachers start to use ProFuturo´s digital resources to strengthen their pedagogical and digital skills and to learn how to adopt innovative practices in the classroom.

Trainings are very practical, providing teachers with tools that they can use on a daily basis with their students. The framework provides a long-term approach to training, and teachers receive continuous pedagogical and technical support from coaches and the ProFuturo team.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ProFuturo has had to replace its blended training format to distance training, especially at the early phases when ProFuturo´s equipment is not used. To reach teachers with no Internet connection or computers, ProFuturo has developed workbooks that were physically delivered to their homes and adapted lessons to other formats such as radio podcasts and videos that could be shared using smartphones and downloaded barely using data.


HundrED Academy Review

This project appears to already be scaling up and reaching many countries around the world. Bridging the gap between traditional and digital education, helping to find solutions, not just to developing new pedagogy, but also sustainable technology infrastructure.

- HundrED Academy Member

This is an innovation that could help n my community. I see a lot of potential in this sector in Brazil. I will definitely reach out to them.

- HundrED Academy Member
ProFuturo Digital Education is working towards quality education for all by providing teacher training and qualification as well as a a school-wide approach that enables students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. This specific framework ensures increased sustainability and spread by targeting teachers and school leaders and hence having a greater impact on students.
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Teacher training courses open for all
We want to help all teachers to continue your training and to help your students through our educational resources.  From our digital learning platform you can access more than 160 courses and 2,800 hours of training in different languages, free. We also provide you with educational resources and tools to prepare your lessons from home, recommending activities to your students and supporting them in carrying them out. You can check out our courses here. If you want to register on a course, ENTER THIS FORM*(*Your invitation to the call will arrive within one week after registration).If you are already a ProFuturo teacher and are registered on a course, ENTERInnovating in the classroomIn this category you will find courses with active methodologies to create learning experiences while introducing innovation in the classroom. They are designed for teachers seeking to place the student at the centre of the teaching-learning process:-Innovation path: Basic Level (INNB):The aim of this course is to work on basic knowledge to develop INNOVATION as a fundamental skill that favours student’s personal and professional success. The aim of this course is to work on ICT competence through the knowledge of on-line applications that facilitate teaching and the application of ICT at school.-Innovation path: Intermediate Level (INNM):This course aims to promote INNOVATION as a primordial skill for implementing a quality teaching-learning model. Teachers who do this unit will come from basic level training or the diagnostic test will have shown that they know innovative educational experiences.-Innovation path: Advanced Level (INNA):The aim of this course is to work on INNOVATION as a skill for transforming the educational system. Teachers doing this unit will have done basic and intermediate level training on Mobile Learning and will be familiar with the use of educational experiences in the educational surroundings, or will have passed the diagnostic test placing them at this level.-Innovation path: Professional Level (INNP):The professional level will discuss innovation and analyse what has changed in pedagogical methodologies. It will begin with one of the most important changes in the teaching and learning processes of recent decades: the transition from an education based on transmitting information, to an education based on developing skills.This will be a change towards an innovative school of three learning methodologies that aim to spark interest for this change to begin and that can be applied in the classroom.Using ICTThese courses are intended to help you discover how ICT can be a great ally in your daily practice. Learn to include them in your classes:-ITC path: Basic Level (TICB):The aim of this course is to work on the basic knowledge to develop ICT competence, and more specifically to apply it in the classroom. Teachers who do this unit will have no or basic knowledge of digital literacy and the use of office automation as an educational resource.-ITC path: Intermediate Level (TICM):The aim of this course is to work on ICT competence to effectively apply it in the classroom.  Teachers doing this unit will have done the basic training or will be familiar with OpenOffice applications.  At this level, teachers must be competent at user level in office automation and use ICT to create activities in the classroom.-ITC path: Advanced Level (TICA):The aim of this course is to work on ICT competence through the knowledge of on-line applications that facilitate teaching and the application of ICT at school. Teachers doing this unit will come from intermediate level training, and will be familiar with educational experiences based on collaborative learning.  Here teachers must create and transfer educational experiences based on collaborative learning.-ITC path: Professional Level (TICP):This route aims to reveal the diversity of options that virtual tools offer us in order to include them in our teaching work, and to support the teaching-learning process by applying the knowledge offered by Neurodidactics.
ProFuturo joins forces with UNESCO to combat the impact of Covid-19 on education
ProFuturo has joined the global coalition launched by UNESCO to combat the impact of the Covid-19 health crisis on the education sector in vulnerable environments. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, more than 1.5 billion learners across 165 countries have been affected by school closures, making it necessary to find alternative solutions to enable them to access education. UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay has said that a paralysis of the education sector on this scale has never before been seen and she highlighted the importance of fostering public-private partnerships to implement collective measures that mitigate the effects of the crisis on education, especially among those most vulnerable, who suffer the most at times of difficulty.School closures will prevent millions of children from accessing such essential services as nutrition and health, so the coalition led by UNESCO will mobilise resources to support teachers and students by implementing innovative, context-sensitive educational solutions to guarantee access to education, regardless of whether they have Internet connectivity. In addition, it will coordinate the actions in various countries to prevent an overlap of efforts.The coalition includes international organisations, private companies, foundations, NGOS and media organisations. Some of the leading institutions to have joined the initiative are technology giantsMicrosoft, Google and Facebook, multilateral bodies like UNICEF, the UN Refugee Agency (ACNUR), and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), y and digital education programmes such as ProFuturo and the Khan Academy.Media organisations like the BBC are also on board, and will disseminate educational content, as well as informing the various audiences about how Covid-19 might affect them.ProFuturo’s educational resources, available for allAs a result of the health emergency, ProFuturo will open up its digital learning platform to the entire education community. Firstly, it will provide teachers with more than 160 courses and content so that they can continue to acquire training and support their students. It will also provide educational resources and multimedia activities for students, with their families’ support, to strengthen their knowledge of mathematics, language, science and technology from home.We have always believed that technology brings people closer together and is a platform for quality education. At times like this, it becomes a fundamental tool, according to ProFuturo Managing Director Magdalena Brier, for whom the programme’s commitment to reducing the educational gap worldwide by means of digital education now makes more sense than ever.Accordingly, although the educational resources will be made available to all those accessing the platform from any country, ProFuturo will strive especially to disseminate its #SeeYouInDigital initiative in the 38 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia where it implements its programme in vulnerable environments to ensure nobody is left behind.
Our educational resources for institutions
At ProFuturo, we’re convinced that working with other institutions makes us all stronger. That’s why we operate an open education programme, sharing our knowledge and experience and working in collaboration with other institutions to achieve greater progress. This spirit of collaboration is now more meaningful than ever. With this in mind, we’re opening up our content for children to organisations which share our objectives.We offer more than 1,600 additional hours of language, maths, science, technology, citizenship and life skills content so that students can continue to learn from home. They can travel through the microscopic world, discover the human body, learn about programming, revise calculus and geometry, explore the different literary genres, and much more.Using this content, you’ll be able to help students from around the world to enhance their skills in an innovative, interactive manner. If you’re interested in offering this type of content from your platform and you want more information, you can contact us via e-mail at with the subject line ‘Resources for institutions’.
Are you familiar with all of our new educational content for students?
Our commitment to narrow the educational gap through digital education is more important today than ever as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why we put everything into continuing to bring education closer to millions of children so that they can continue to build the future they deserve. Education is a universal right and ProFuturo has provided students around the world with more than 1,600 additional hours of language, maths, science, technology and life skills content to allow them to continue learning at home. They’ll be able to discover the human body, learn about programming, revise calculus and geometry, explore different literary genres, and much more. From 1 May, we have made more than 1,600 additional hours of content available to students around the world to allow them to continue learning at home in an innovative, interactive manner. Through videos, texts and interactive practical exercises, students will progress in their learning as they complete the different units:Science: Travel the Solar System, the human body, the plant world or the composition of food.Language: Revise the literary genres, how to write an argumentative essay and where to put the accents on words.Technology: Plunge into computational thinking, the history of machines and block-based programming.Mathematics: Explore the world of geometry, time, and different problem-solving methods.Citizenship and peaceful coexistence: Learn about citizenship, peaceful coexistence in the school environment and the different parts of a city.Ways of thinking and acting: Discover learning how to learn and acquire interdisciplinary skills such as creativity and team work.Principles for a healthy life: Find out about health eating habits and how to protectthe environment.Our educational content is available in 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese) and is classified by difficulty and topic.ACCESS OUR FREE CONTENT HERE
Techno-educational solutions in ProFuturo vulnerable environments
For the second year in a row, ProFuturo and Wayra —the Telefónica Open Innovation Hub—, have put out a worldwide call in search of innovative projects to contribute to tackling the technological and educational challenges that ProFuturo faces in the vulnerable environments where it operates. Open until 30 September, this call will assess project aspects such as the social and educational impact, the degree of innovation involved and the project’s sustainability and scalability capacity. Sixty-five candidate projects from 13 countries were received in last year’s call. Of the three winning startups, two have piloted their projects in schools where the Telefónica Foundation and “la Caixa” Foundation programme is being implemented.The ProFuturo Digital Education Programme is being implemented in vulnerable environments where schools often have no energy or internet connectivity. On top of these infrastructural constraints must be added the lack of technological resources (routers, computers, tablets) and quality educational content, as well as the relatively poor pedagogical preparation of the teachers who are often founding wanting in the teaching and digital skills required to bring technology to the classroom.Enterprising individuals and startups presenting projects in the call must meet these and other challenges. Specifically, we are looking for projects that offer energy access and connectivity solutions to equip the schools with quality educational and digital resources; or projects that apply Artificial Intelligence to education to personalise teaching and improve learning results using analytics learning tools.Close date: 30 SeptemberCandidates can submit their projects until 30 September. An assessment process will select ten projects the owners of which will have to defend their initiative in person before a selection committee. Aspects such as the social and educational impact of the project, its level of innovation, how scalable and self-sustainable it is, the experience and skills of the project team and the potential the project has to improve ProFuturo’s education proposal, will be assessed.Up to three startups will be selected and offered a workspace in one of Wayra Innovation Hubs, where they will received speed-up and mentoring support for six months from ProFuturo to mature their project. Subsequently, a collaboration plan will be studied regarding project sustainability, and the possibility of conducting a pilot test in one of the schools where ProFuturo operates will be assessed.Trial runs in Mexico, Kenya and BrazilThis is the second time ProFuturo and Wayra have put out a call for projects. Sixty-five candidate projects were received from 13 countries last year. Of the three winning startups, two have piloted their projects in schools where the Telefónica Foundation and “la Caixa” Foundation programme is being implemented.Cerebriti, the Spanish startup that introduces gamification into the classroom to enable teachers and students to create and share their own games, thereby boosting creativity and fostering teamwork, have tried out their project in five schools in Mexico with primary-school students from 4th to 6th class. Meanwhile, the British firm Eedi has piloted its assessment solution in five schools in Kenya. This project makes it possible to measure student levels and detect learning weaknesses and confusing concepts by means of digital questionnaires.The Portuguese startup, Ubbu, has created a platform that enables teachers and students alike to take the first steps in computational thinking and digital literacy and programming. This platform is to be piloted in Manaus (Brazil) in 1st to 6th classes in 14 primary schools.


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11,5 million children benefited in 38 countries

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