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Looking for high quality, reliable hardware, software and project kits built for the classroom so your students can design code and make anything?


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An award-winning ecosystem of hardware, software and electronic components that lets any teacher, club leader or mentor, deliver an engaging computer science and STEAM lessons, regardless of their computer literacy.
Jesse Lozano, pi-top co-founder & CEO
We want people to have fun when learning and use pi-top as an empowering tool to inspire the next generation in this new digital age.

Jesse Lozano, pi-top co-founder & CEO


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Updated on March 17th, 2022
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What is pi-top?

Experience and skills in STEAM subjects are vital for the world we live in today. But educators have struggled to find creative, engaging and inspiring ways to teach new and real-life designing, coding and making skills to their pupils while ensuring that content is relevant and clear to both the students and the teachers themselves.

To learn these skills effectively, teachers and students need high-quality, cost-effective hardware and software tools. When it comes to buying products, it is a challenge to find superior technological tools that last, often within tight budget constraints.

pi-top devices are modular computers powered by a Raspberry Pi, a tiny affordable computer that anyone can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects. All pi-top devices are supported by accompanying project kits, full of components that help learners bring their inventions to life. pi-tops bring physical computing to life by allowing learners to create their very own machines and devices

In addition to the pi-top hardware, pi-top has created a range of software solutions to support educators in delivering an excellent computer science curriculum to their students. pi-top offers an accessible learning environment that provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a world of accelerating advancements in science and technology. 

The foundation of pi-top software is Further, our social making platform. This lets students collaborate on projects, save and share their work, and adapt and build on the work of others. Each student can work at their own pace, with the teacher acting as a guide and facilitator. This creates a more inclusive working environment for pupils of all abilities. The pi-top operating system, pi-topOS Sirius, includes features designed especially for the classroom such as Search Portal, giving you instant access to projects, articles and research. 

pi-top aims to make computer science and STEAM education fun, affordable and accessible, by giving teachers all the tools they need to create a transformative learning experience, including lifetime support and educator webinars. The UK examination board OCR has endorsed all pi-top materials as part of the computer science curriculum.



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The focus of pi-top products is on learning by doing. pi-top [4] unlocks a world of designing, coding and making. With its internal battery and sturdy construction, pi‑top [4] gets computing off the desk or couch and out into the world to do real projects.


pi-top significantly improves student engagement. Learners see creative opportunities to design and create amazing projects in STEAM subjects.


Over the past 4 years 500,000 learners across the globe have at some point used a pi-top product. With pi-top [4] joining the pi-top family we’re set for even more growth.


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Get a pi-top [4]
Powered by the brand new Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM, the pi‑top [4] unlocks a world of designing, coding and making. With its internal battery and sturdy construction, pi‑top [4] gets computing off the desk or couch and out into the world to do real projects.
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02 - Introducing pi-topOS Sirius.
With a new intuitive interface, built-in Search Portal, and a full suite of applications, our award-winning OS makes designing, coding and making easy.
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Explore resources on pi-top Further
pi-top Further is our new social making engine designed for you school (launching in late 2019).
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Design, code and make
pi-top’s Foundation Kit comprises a metal component case with 14 electronic components such as programmable sensors, buttons and LEDs to bring your inventions to life, and store them safely when not in use.
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