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place Bangladesh

Transforming education experiences

In Bangladesh, the education system is theoretical and monotonous. Students have very little idea about how their education content transpires in reality. Hence, Nerdiz was born to provide experiential learning experiences for students with the help of virtual reality where students will not only read but will be able to virtually experience their educational content.



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March 2023
The current education system in Bangladesh heavily relies on theoretical book-based learning, leaving students with little practical experience or understanding of real-life scenarios. By providing virtual reality experiences, Nerdiz aims to help students not only read but also virtually experience their educational content. Through VR learning students will have a deeper understanding.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

As a visual learner in Bangladesh's education system that focused heavily on theoretical learning, I faced difficulties in my school days. Realizing that many others may struggle with the same issue, I founded Nerdiz a virtual reality education platform in Bangladesh where students will not only read but will be able to virtually experience their educational content.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Nerdiz's innovative solution to the education system in Bangladesh utilizes virtual reality technology to provide an immersive and experiential learning experience to students. The education curriculum in Bangladesh is heavily theoretical, and Nerdiz's virtual reality content bridges the gap between theory and reality by allowing students to virtually experience their educational content.
Through Nerdiz's virtual reality learning sessions, students can take virtual field trips, visit the moon, and witness real-life science experiments, all from the comfort of their classrooms. Nerdiz addresses monetary and physical constraints on experiential learning.
Nerdiz has partnered with private and NGO schools in Bangladesh to demonstrate the effectiveness of their virtual reality education content. Research studies have shown that visual learning can help students retain 60% more information. Nerdiz provides its content through both physical sessions and its online web platform .

How has it been spreading?

- Served over 20,000 students through offline and online sessions
- Partnered with well-known NGOs such as BRAC and Teach for Bangladesh
- Finalist in the Entrepreneurship World Cup, GP Accelerator, and Banglalink Incubator
- Winner of Brac CED Incubator

Goals for the next 2-3 years:
- Work in 24 districts in Bangladesh and serve one million students
- Collaborate with stakeholders to enhance content and provide a superior learning experience.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Nerdiz provides both offline and online virtual reality learning sessions. For offline sessions, schools can reachout to Nerdiz through its helpline or Facebook page. The headset and content are provided for a complete experiential learning experience for the session. Nerdiz's online platform is free for all and can be accessed by visiting and experienced through a headset.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

WOW! This innovation blew my mind! Imagine the joy of learning and 'real' experience for learners rather than 2D text books, videos! This innovation will also impact social-emotional learning of students.

Bridging physical and virtual environments is a strong idea however, it’s limited to using a VR headset. The team can improve the scalability by adapting to different digital mediums.

- Academy member
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High Scalability
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Implementation steps

Virtual session
Step 1, Contact us through the helpline on our Facebook page.
Virtual session
Step 2. Schedule a date for the session.
Virtual session
Step 3. Our team will conduct the virtual reality session for you.
Virtual reality lab
Step 1. Get in touch with us through the helpline on our Facebook page.
Virtual reality lab
Step 2. Request the setup of a VR lab.
Virtual reality lab
Step 3. Subscribe to our content pool.
Virtual reality lab
Step-4- Our team will setup the lab with hardware and provide the content in the hardware as subscribed.

Spread of the innovation

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