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Social-Emotional Learning for all children!

Navegar Seguro

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Navegar Seguro is a program designed to develop SEL skills in children from kindergarten to 11th grade to help them manage the risks in their environment, build positive relationships, and develop their life project. During the COVID-19 pandemic we implemented Navegar Seguro online and designed resources to address the increased social and emotional distress caused by the pandemic.
Charlotte Greniez, Director of Social Emotional Development and Wellbeing
Social-emotional learning is the key to open the door to a brighter future for all children.

Charlotte Greniez, Director of Social Emotional Development and Wellbeing


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Policy Report: Social and Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

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Innovation Overview

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Updated on June 8th, 2022
about the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Navegar Seguro was developed to better address the social and emotional learning needs of children from 11 public schools in vulnerable districts in Bogotá, Colombia. Navegar Seguro has the purpose of helping students develop their SEL skills to manage the risks present in their environment, build positive relationships, and develop their life project.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Navegar Seguro includes 24 class sessions from kindergarten to 11th grade, adapted from the Step-By-Step WBG toolkit. Each session centers around one of the 18 SEL skills from our framework, with 6 additional sessions: three of them reinforce emotional awareness, empathy, and stress management by practicing mindfulness, two of them reinforce responsible decision making with an emphasis on caring about public goods and using social networks responsibly, and one of them reinforces self-concept and self-care of the own body. After a group of sessions is implemented, teachers carry out a self-assessment session, in which students (anonymously and autonomously) reflect on their SEL process and identify which skills they need to work on more. Following the belief that educators need to develop their own SEL skills to foster them in students, teachers and counselors also self-assess their SEL process and create an improvement plan for the skills they want to work on.

How has it been spreading?

Alianza Educativa has opened the possibility for other schools to implement Navegar Seguro within their classrooms. Anyone can download both the teachers’ and the students’ guidebooks for grades kindergarten to 11th grade by going to the Alianza Educativa website (

Navegar Seguro has also been uploaded in Clic Socioemocional, a Colombian open use platform that hosts teaching resources for Latin American educators, designed to promote Social Emotional Learning. It can be found here:

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can go to the Alianza Educativa website, or the Clic Socioemocional website, and download the teacher and students guidebook. The teachers’ guidebook has a comprehensive explanation of the SEL skills framework used in the program, as well as a step-by-step guide for each session. Other SEL activities resources can be found here:


HundrED Academy Review

This innovation can have a great impact in diverse environments. The methodology is highly trustworthy, well organized, described with detail and shared focusing on educational praxis. Very useful and accessible.

- HundrED Academy Member

Highly impactful, age appropriate SEL lessons are provided in easily accessible notebooks with the online website listed. The student notebooks are accompanied by a well developed teacher manual.

- HundrED Academy Member
Navegar Seguro offers a comprehensive learning SEL material for teachers and students completely free of charge. It also provides online training in well-structured sessions focusing on its own SEL framework with an easy-to-use toolkit for implementation. With its strong partnerships, this innovation has the potential to scale and be implemented
at the education system level.
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High Impact
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High Impact
High Scalability
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High Scalability
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Achievements & Awards

November 2021
Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
June 2021
Innovation page created on
January 2021
Carried out our first SEL self-assessment workshop for teachers
September 2020
Launched SEL reinforcement activities
January 2020
Launched Navegar Seguro 2020
January 2002
Launched the first version of Navegar Seguro

Spread of the innovation

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Incorporate Navegar Seguro to your curriculum
Incorporate the 24 Navegar Seguro class sessions into the school’s curriculum. We recommend having one session every week, to ensure a continuous learning process.
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Share the students' workbooks with them
Navegar Seguro includes a teacher’s guidebook, as well as a student’s workbook. Each student needs to have their own workbook as a physical book or as a file so that they can keep track of their process.
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Implement Navegar Seguro during Homeroom
We advise implementing Navegar Seguro during homeroom, with a duration of 45 minutes per session. However, you can adapt this according to your own classroom needs and schedule.
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Carry out a self-assessment session
After each general competence has been implemented, it is important to carry out a self-assessment session, in which students (anonymously and autonomously) will reflect on their Social-Emotional Learning process and identify which skills they need to work on more
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Generalize SEL to other school settings
It is of utmost importance that the social-emotional learning that happens during Navegar Seguro can be generalized to other school settings.
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Tell us all about it!
We would love to know about you and about your experience with Navegar Seguro. If you are interested in sharing your experience with us, please write to
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