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Finance for Sharing (F4S)

F4S delivers financial literacy through the power of active play with a preventive approach to develop a responsible economic citizenship.

Play is the main breakthrough to deliver a different and engaging financial literacy. All of F4S activities have a cooperative nature and through its practice the program breaks paradigms associated with finance being a hard and complex subject to learn.



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Target group
March 2020
Finance for Sharing helped me realize that I can contribute to end poverty through the responsible use of my own resources. I would like to study economics to help the country.

About the innovation

Why bet on Finance for Sharing?

What we do?

Finance for Sharing model allows beneficiaries to explore local challenges and find a solution for them based on a global approach. F4S unleashes student’s critical participation, through giving them the opportunity for taking responsible decisions to generate a collective welfare.

F4S implementation strategy focuses heavily on leaving installed capacities in teachers so they can execute the program long after the Education for Sharing team is gone.

F4S addresses complex topics like decent employment, entrepreneurship, trade and professions, insurances, economic inequality, social justice and sustainability, etc., in a friendly and attractive, accessible according to students experience.

F4S is focused on fostering an economic citizenship that contemplates:

  • Human rights: economic, well-being, equality, security, etc.

  • Democratic values: freedom, solidarity, empathy, autonomy, self-regulation and honesty

  • Skills: participation, analysis, critical thinking, responsibility and decision making.

The innovation relies on not taking financial literacy as an isolated matter. F4S manages to merge civic values, the Sustainable Development Goals and financial capabilities to produce a systemic change. The goal is that children and adolescents understand the essentials of finance to take smart decisions. This means, they will be better equipped to reach their goals and achieve financial stability with an ethical commitment.

Why we do it?

Globally, there are several challenges related to an inappropriate resource management, inequality is one of them. A 2020 Oxfam report revealed that the world’s 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60% of the planet’s population. Current efforts to tackle this, lack of inclusiveness, accessibility, and only focus on consumption aspects when finance has a holistic approach that impacts on sustainable development.

F4S is the latest innovation of Education for Sharing that provides children with the tools to make responsible decisions related to resource managing with a sustainable outlook.

In order to change the world children need to have self confidence and believe in their own ability to do so. F4S makes this a reality by providing them with the tools to be problem solvers and to make responsible financial decisions in the best interest of the whole community instead of a selfish overlook. In F4S, financial literacy is for everyone; contributing to reduce the gap of financial education.

Spread of the innovation

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