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My skills

The electronic self-assessment and self-training service that allows students to independently check their level of knowledge and skills.

The combination of modern interfaces, developed functionality and high-quality test materials enables the service to form a conscious student’s approach to knowledge and skills testing, self-esteem culture and academic honesty. Students acquire an opportunity to independently determine their level of educational attainment and take further steps to improve the obtained results.


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Target group
October 2019

About the innovation

My skills: get an objective assessment of your knowledge and skills and bridge the gaps in time.

My Skills is a citywide assistance system for schoolchildren and their parents in the field of exams' preparation and out-of-school determination of acquired knowledge and skills level. Currently the service provides users with more than 1,200 work options or diagnostics that contain more than 35,000 assignments in school subjects from grades 1-11, as well as verification assignments in the format of the State Final Certification.

In addition to diagnostics, users have the opportunity to try out various simulators, namely:

  • Chess simulator, where a person can play both with a computer and with other users;

  • A simulator for filling in SFC forms, finding out the features and trying filling in the forms;

  • Adaptive math simulator.

Tasks that users pass are checked both automatically and by experts who participate in the verification of state exams. This is an absolutely free service for Moscow schoolchildren.

Based on the results of the diagnostics, users receive detailed information on their results:

  • score and percentage of completion;

  • user responses to assignments;

  • the level of development of educational components.

The results of all diagnostics are aggregated and collected in the “Analytics” section allowing the user to find his/her dynamics of diagnostics, compare the results with the results of other users, get information on the level of the subjects and individual topics mastering.

Check https://en.myskills.rufor more information.

Spread of the innovation

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