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Want to provide young people with a safe space to talk about difficult things?

Tellmi is a mental health app which provides a safe and anonymous space that helps 11-25 year olds to talk about difficult things. Tellmi uses the latest psychological research into peer support and positive psychology that promotes emotional resilience, empathy and confidence. The app is 100% safe and anonymous. All posts and replies are checked by human moderators before they go live, and in-

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August 2022
I actually didn’t realise how much better this app can make someone feel. I love being able to ask my own questions and just the experience of trying to help even one other person helps

About the innovation

What is Tellmi?

One of the best ways for a young person to manage their wellbeing is to share how they are feeling. Our multi-award winning Tellmi app makes it easy to talk about difficult things, and to get support.

The Tellmi app gives young people the tools to help themselves, and each other. It enables young people who share similar life experiences to provide each other with reciprocal support, advice, empathy and a sense of belonging. It is important for you to know that Tellmi is confidential and anonymous which gives young people the confidence to talk about whatever is worrying them. Tellmi is completely safe because all posts and replies are checked by human moderators before they go live. This prevents all bullying, harassment or humiliation. The app is age banded so that content is relevant to their age. The content can be filtered using the sensitivity slider next to the search bar to hide the topics that your child doesn’t want to see. Positive feedback and support is curated in the app and in-house counsellors provide extra support if needed. The in-app directory is packed with useful resources. It enables students to connect directly to school support services through their school portal and those available in the local area.

Tellmi is used by over 70,000 young people, 2500 schools annd endorsed by CAMHS. Tellmi represented British social enterprise at the next world fair EXPO2021. Since 2017 Tellmi has been recognised every year as one of the 100 most inspiring innovations in education by HundrED. In 2019 Tellmi won the Tech4Good Awards for Connected Society and the People's Choice award for a campaign to create better learning resources for boys who self-harm and the Medtech innovation award and Mayor of London's Business award for Social impact.

In 2018 Tellmi crowdfunded the publication of the MeeTwo Teenage Mental Help Handbook. In 2019, the Handbook won the British Medical Association’s 2019 ‘Health and Social Care’ Book Of The Year Award and has been distributed free to over 2,000 secondary schools.

Since the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, the Tellmi app has seen posting rates increase by 50% and has rapidly grown to support over 70,000 young people in the UK and beyond. The escalation in posts and demand for help during this time has demonstrated an urgent need for more immediate access to a broader range of support options.

In response, the Tellmi app launched the Tellmi Directory, an amazing new feature which provides young people with immediate access to a comprehensive list of safe, quality assured self-help resources. The directory includes 24/7 crisis support, specialist helplines and support groups, motivational YouTube videos and inspirational Ted Talks, the apps that really help and the books and products that are actually useful. The directory also includes personal stories which reveal the issues young people have struggled with and how they have managed to overcome them. The directory can be personalised by topic and is tailored according to a young person’s needs, age and location.

Tellmi can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Addressing stress and anxiety amongst teens is extremely needed. MeeTwo has the look, feel and familiarity of social media, and tweet style messages make it quick and easy to get help. It has proven its impact and has the potential to scale beyond the UK.

HundrED Academy Reviews

I find the idea of MeeTwo original and innovative, it's an application that provides an early intervention support solution to the problem of stress and anxiety in young people. I think that the work on psychological support for young people is very important. That's why I congratulate them.

This app has a clear and scalable focus, that is addressing a serious area of need. I really like this innovation, and want to share it with more people to get more young people on board!

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

Identify student advocates
Find a small group of students who would be willing to become expert users and advocates for MeeTwo. They should download and use MeeTwo for a few weeks before the general roll-out.
Spark an interest
MeeTwo can supply posters, presentations and films for assemblies and handouts to give to students.
Spread the word
Use your student advocates to spread the word and build confidence in the use of MeeTwo.
Empower staff and students

Train staff to run workshops. MeeTwo has designed a workshop to teach young people how to recognize the early signs of stress and anxiety and how to seek support.

Spread of the innovation

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