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Make Learning joyful

Digital Learning specially in the live class over zoom/other medium is not so much interactive, so we design two types of games and activity that help to make the learning and teaching more interactive and joyful type 1 is energize the students as well as help to ice break and create strong relationship and second types of game is directly deliver the lesson through games.



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Target group
February 2023
The major change will be the learner and educator(teachers ) will enjoy the teaching and learning process. and also address the different kind of learners through teaching and assessments

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

1. The current teaching learning process is not so much interactive specially it follow too much lecture based methods
2. sometime teachers only focus on extrovert types of students and its not inclusive
3. not addressing the differening kid of learners
4. Sometime the joyfactor is not even present in the any part of the lesson

What does your innovation look like in practice?

1. We run several workhop on game based learning, nature based play , virtual learning games etc with teachers and also future young professionals how they can practice this.
2. we also design game based training program with another types of workshop such team building, problem solving, gender to make people understand about this can be also possible

here I send some previouswork link

How has it been spreading?

In last 2 years we work with 3 different university where we disgn this types of game based learning with thier students by using the existing curriculum,. so what we did is we redeign the curriculum with same content but this time the methodology was game based model
In last year 2022 we work with child dept of Dhaka university college of applied hcien we design a whole course of 50 marks under 2 credit on game-based learning.

In next 2-3 years I want to work with more educational institution to redeign thier curriculum
Here I send some link:

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Facebook page:
whastapp and phone :+8801816601035

Implementation steps

Train the teachers
Train the group of teachers on game based learning model
Execute on classroom
The teacehrs will execute this methods on classroom
Feedback is gift
Regular basis we visit the classroom and give feedback, if its not possible the peer evaluation will help to improve the teachers
Redesign the loopwhole
After a while on execution we again collect the loophole data from teachers and redesign the system where need to be
Make Blended version
All the games we try to make online version so that anyone can get access of this activities and games from anywhere

Spread of the innovation

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