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Komodo Wellbeing

The school-wide wellbeing solution.

Komodo Wellbeing is an evidence-based software solution that integrates wellbeing measurement, mental health initiatives, social-emotional learning, & mindfulness practices into schools. Our custom-built surveys, intelligent check-in system, & cohort analytics empower students & enable effective interventions. Moving beyond reactive processes to proactive management of student wellbeing.


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May 2024
Here at Komodo Wellbeing, we are working towards a mission we are honoured to have. Our goal is to positively impact the lives of students & to set the standard of school-wide wellbeing around the world. Komodo aims to guide schools & students to understand areas of strength & difficulty, & to facilitate up-skilling & positive changes for the long-term.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Komodo Wellbeing was created by Jack Wood and Chris Bacon two friends who met whilst studying at university. They are passionate about improving the global standard of student wellbeing & pastoral care and identified that schools have become a focus for early intervention. "Our ultimate aim is to ensure that every school is a place in which every student flourishes," says Chris Bacon.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Pastoral care is a huge undertaking for staff & very few schools can facilitate consistent personal check-ins with every single student. Komodo Wellbeing's intelligent check-in system & data-driven insights ensure that staff make positive & effective interventions that are backed by real-time data. Schools can collect three types of data with Komodo: Regular or pulse surveys, benchmarking for singular data points, & standardized psychometrics for clinical or categorical data. With the insights provided from Komodo, schools can look to implement individual & school-wide interventions & establish proactive measures to address wellbeing trends long-term. Komodo is more than just a platform or software. We aim to add value to our schools in everything we do, whether it be the code we write, the customer support we provide or the psychology we embed within our approach, it all goes toward impacting the lives of students & staff.

How has it been spreading?

Originally launched in New Zealand & Australia, Komodo is now utilized in schools across 23 countries worldwide. Over the past year, we have distributed more than 467,000 wellbeing surveys. We collaborate with some of the world's top public & private day & boarding schools, catering to International Baccalaureate, British, & American curriculums.

Our 2022 annual product impact report recorded 400 student-led check-ins within a year. By 2023, over 2,800 students have used this feature. This surge indicates Komodo's expanding presence in more schools globally, with students actively managing their wellbeing & using Komodo to enhance their wellness practices.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Interested in trying Komodo? We have 3 options to get you started!
1️⃣ Komodo Trial: FREE for 30 days! Experience the impact firsthand.
2️⃣ Komodo Pilot: Not ready to go school-wide? Run a pilot programme with the years/grade levels of your choosing.
3️⃣ Komodo School: Unlock a world of possibilities with school-wide access, including wellbeing surveys, student analytics, chat support, & more!

Implementation steps

Test if Komodo is right for your school by running a free 30-day trial or a Komodo Pilot.
We offer all schools the opportunity to try Komodo free for 30-days, this trial is a great way for schools to explore everything that Komodo has to offer. If you are interested in Komodo but aren't quite ready to roll it out school-wide our team will work with you to build a Komodo Pilot with your chosen year/grade levels.
Get set up on Komodo with product onboarding & survey building!
Once a school has signed up with Komodo we work through product onboarding, setting up your staff & student profiles & working with you to create your customised student surveys with our psychologist-created question library. We will work with all staff to explore the product features & explain how they work. All Komodo schools have a dedicated sales & customer support staff member to ensure the process runs smoothly.
Introducing Komodo to the school community & releasing the first survey!
The Komodo team will provide you with resources you can use to help introduce Komodo to students & parents in the school community. Once everyone is familiar with the platform & can access their profiles the first survey will be sent out on an agreed-upon date.
Time to review your data!
Once you've completed a month of surveying your customer support specialist will meet with you to review your student data & discuss how it can be interpreted & actioned. As a Komodo school you will have access to a library of wraparound support with psychologist-created resources for your classrooms & programs for staff to upskill in key areas of wellbeing.

Spread of the innovation

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