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Learning for Cultural Renewal

Springhouse envisions a world where all life thrives. Springhouse is fundamentally transforming the purpose and practice of education. We have an intergenerational school, a community print shop, a Community Round Table to support community revitalization efforts locally, and a design and curriculum to support founders of learning communities around the world.


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February 2024
In a time of cultural crisis, we need an educational approach that is place-based, and a curriculum that acknowledges the power of community and prioritizes knowledge that fosters holistic human development, honestly and creatively explores our collective history and the cultural contexts we live in, and highlights the power of possibility.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The conventional educational system that most of us are accustomed to was created with the
primary purpose of training a compliant workforce. This system has not changed much since its creation in the 1800s. Because education passes down the values, skills, and knowledge that are needed to sustain the culture, it could serve a different purpose. We know it can become a vehicle for change.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Springhouse is vitality-centered, intergenerational, holistic, place-based, and seeks cultural diversity. We started as a high school and plan to expand in age ranges this fall both to include younger ages, and also elders in more direct ways. If you were to walk into the school one day, you would see teen and adult learners learning, dancing, singing, working outdoors, and cooking together. You might see visitors from around the world coming to see what is happening at Springhouse to learn how to start something similar in their place. There would be adults from around the world gathering online weekly to learn how to foster vitality in their region, and start learning communities using Springhouse's design and curriculum. You might hear stories about the trips we take each year or the rites of passage we practice with all learners. You would see school differently in the ways we are committed to the revitalization of our region and in our commitment to share our learning.

How has it been spreading?

When vitality is the primary purpose of education we engage in practices and experience results different from what most of us have experienced in education. When we trust and align with the regenerative power of Life, we naturally become more connected to the community and place we are part of. The vitality we experience spills out, not only to our local community, but to other places around the world. We have visitors from all over the world, and we now have a design and curriculum to support them to start their own inspiring learning communities. This design allows for creativity and autonomy, as we are not interested in replication, but in supporting those inspired by our example.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We offerings on campus like sacred dance, community meals, and more. We also are online with seasonal meditations, weekly devotions, and a book study using our book on the design. You can purchase literature from our print shop, start a book study, or if you are ready to jump in, join our school founders program and start a learning community in your place using our design and curriculum.


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Implementation steps

Join our on-campus and online programs, or jump into our high school or long-term programming.
We have a high school for teens, and on-campus and online programs for adults to get a taste of what Springhouse is. We have long term programs for adults too! Learn more here:
Read about our school in literature printed at Sourced Press, our community print shop!
Learn more about our print shop here, including an Oracle Card Club, Teen Zines, and chapbook and posters! Learn more at
If you want to start a learning community like Springhouse, we have a school founders program!
More information to come in March 2024! Contact us at if you are interested.
Become a partner!
Springhouse does not turn anyone away due to lack of funds. Become a partner and support this cutting edge work and be a part of a sustainable and accessible economic model! Learn more here:

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