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Jill Tattersall, Executive Chair

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We bring stories to digital life, across languages and cultures!

Kiwa Digital

New Zealand
Kiwa Digital is a world-leading production house for experiential digital apps. We bring stories to digital life across languages and cultures, using our cutting edge technology to create immersive, interactive, and instructive experiences. Digital publishing is the core of what we do at Kiwa, and our technology enables indigenous groups to communicate their own stories in their own language!

What is Kiwa Digital?

“Your work is a great example for New Zealand about how the use of ICT, combined with innovation and Māori passion can succeed globally.”

Minister Te Uroroa Flavell, New Zealand

Kiwa has a passion for bringing stories and cultural treasures to life for the digital generation!

Digital publishing is at the core of all we do. We partner with content owners to provide digital publishing services, bringing content to life in the way the original author always intended.

We have developed a number of innovative specialised services to meet customer needs:

  • Proprietary processes and technology that enable the digitisation of stories for indigenous communities to promote language revitalisation;
  • A Cultural Intelligence toolkit that brings cultural competency into business and government in a fun, helpful way;
  • An Indigenous Media toolkit that brings traditional stories to life in compelling digital formats; for example in Alaska
  • A unique storytelling workshop for schools, the KIWA SLAM, that empowers students to tell their own stories, in their own language, and publish it to the world;
  • A customised version of the SLAM that enables digital storytelling to promote causes;
  • A licensed version of our software that enables businesses and organisations to develop their own capability to bring their content to life digitally.

We see technology as an enabler. Our experiential apps are kinaesthetic and tactile. They are not just apps; they are immersive, interactive, and instructive experiences!

We also set the standard for accessibility across languages and cultures, and for readers of varying abilities, delivering learning benefits that include:

  • sound synchronised with text, word-by-word, to reinforce understanding;
  • audio and text in multiple languages and levels, to make content more accessible;
  • design that supports special education needs; and
  • interactivity that reinforces learning, such as Swipe-to-Read™ to highlight and play back the story at your own pace, Touch-to-Hear™ to have individual words spoken, and Touch-to-Spell™ to hear the letters that spell each word.
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Jill Tattersall, Executive Chair

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