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Alfred Opio

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KAINO is a source of Blended STEM Teaching Guides for ECD centers.


KAINO is an inclusive and equitable web and mobile education app that delivers STEM blended curriculum-aligned Teaching Guides to Early Childhood Development centers in Uganda using the KAINOtab.

KAINOafrica, Inspire the NEXT Generation...

“Empower a Teacher, Empower Africa...”

Alfred Opio, Founder & CEO

What we do?

1. Level the ground between rural and urban ECD schools so that no one is left behind when more children in rural areas have access to quality educational content. We intend to provide free KAINOtabs to each caregiver on our system to access our well-crafted, STEM infused and national curriculum-aligned teacher guides via our web and mobile apps without the need for internet data subscription.

2. Assess learning in ECD schools to make it a serious national and international goal. This means using well-designed child assessments (EDI & IDELA) to gauge the health of education systems and not primarily as tools for administering rewards and punishments. It also means using the resulting learning measures to spotlight hidden exclusions, make choices, and evaluate the progress of children.

3. Act on evidence to make ECD schools work for all learners because schooling is not the same as learning. Evidence on how children learn has exploded in recent decades across the world and along with an increase in educational innovation technology (EdTech). Uganda can make much better use of this evidence to set priorities for their own ECD practices and innovations.

4. Capture Big Data in ECD Education to align and influence education actors and policymakers to make the whole system work for learners. Uganda must recognize that all the available classroom education innovation is unlikely to have much impact simply because of the huge data gap which in turn causes the systems not to support learning. By taking into account this real-data gap and influencing everyone who has a stake in learning, the Ugandan government can use this data to support innovative ECD educators on the front lines.

Why we do it?

Our Teacher Guides Service enables Caregivers (nursery school teachers) to access and deliver STEM blended lessons to their children because we understand that ECD opens a critical and singular window of opportunity. The teacher guides are accessed via a web and mobile app using the KAINOtabs which the ECD caregivers can use to access the teacher guides and read any book at any time, anywhere for over 2 weeks on a single charge. We take the Uganda national ECD curriculum framework and redevelop it by blending in the STEM approach and the British national curriculum for a higher quality of learning. This solution can improve the cognitive, socio-emotional, language development skills and impact the lives of over 25,000 ECD teachers in Uganda alone who don't have access to quality content fit for the 21st-century learners. According to the World Bank, for every $1 spent on this kind of ECD program by a government, a return of between $6 - $13 is likely to occur which is one of the best investments for any African nation. The innovation seeks to provide a solution through the following;


2. PROGRESS TRACKING and ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT for teachers, children & school administrators.

3. FREE CONTENT access for all learners.

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Target Group
Tips for implementation
After launching the KAINO MVP on the 11th of September in 2018, our customer acquisition strategy has been to sign-up schools onto the platform on an individual basis after an agreement has been entered into with the said school. We also intend to run several ads on all social media platforms
Contact information
Alfred Opio

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