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Tatiana Aleksandrova
Alexey Chicherov

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Mind-controlled educative VR games that boost academic performance in the most efficient way - with brain-computer interface

Impulse Neiry

New York, USA
Impulse Neiry is a bundle of hardware and software - virtual reality headset with built-in brain-computer interface, VR-games for education and application to track students progress. Our in-house BCI reads brain impulses and translate them into actions in the game. That's literally mind-controlled games - students just need to concentrate on the objects in games to play. Yep, future is here!

Future of edutainment is here

“23% improvement of concentration skill, 17% memory capacity boost and 20% raise of average grades - and all of that just after few sessions with Impulse Neiry”

What we do?

Impulse Neiry switches education to innovation mode - with mind-controlled educative VR games. Our product not only boosts cognitive skills and helps with consolidating knowledge, but also improves grades and tracks engagement of the students.

Why we do it?

We believe every student deserves superb educational experience and to be immersed in getting knowledge at schools. Our product improves several cognitive skills and prepares students for tech-oriented future.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
Tips for implementation
We design quiz-type VR-games based on current curricular syllabus, related to any preferred subjects. At the end of lesson, students put on the headsets and complete the quiz for 5-10 minutes. Pre-built library of questions for each lesson and questions import feature allows educators to customize.
Contact information
Tatiana Aleksandrova
Alexey Chicherov

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