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Reimagine access to coding education

In order for technology to benefit everyone, we need diversity among its creators. imagi develops fun and accessible coding education tools, with a focus on girls and non-binary, to empower all kids to shape the future with tech. Our products include a gamified mobile app, a programmable accessory (hardware) called the imagiCharm, a web platform for educators, and innovative Python curriculum.



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Target group
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August 2023
We hope that all educators and underrepresented kids, especially girls and non-binary youth, can get empowered with computer science skills. By offering accessible, interactive tools and fostering a supportive community, imagi helps to close the Tech gender and confidence gap. imagi encourages schools and organizations to consciously invest in inclusively-designed tools.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

By 2030, 3/4 of jobs will require advanced computing skills, but there won't be enough graduates to fill them. Teen years are crucial for career decisions, but education systems struggle to foster interest in coding. Educators feel unprepared to teach coding in schools. Worse, interest among girls drops from equal at age 12 to just 12% at age 14, losing almost half of the potential tech workforce.

How does your innovation work in practice?

imagi tools offer engaging experiences for teaching Python to 8-14+ year-olds both at school and at home. Our proprietary curriculum and tools maintain student interest by combining creative, social, and tangible experiences. The imagi Edu coding platform for educators includes ready-to-use lesson worksheets and slides, easy classroom management, and project tracking. Students ultimately create colorful pixel designs, and they can bring their unique art to life with the imagiCharm, a customizable and wearable gadget. Alternatively, kids can learn independently on the imagi app, with no parental support needed thanks to gamified learning levels. Designed iteratively with hundreds of girls and diverse educators, imagi aims to provide CS education that equips pre-teens with relevant skills and motivation to enter the tech industry. We aim to ensure that all kids have the chance to gain confidence and competence in STEM.

How has it been spreading?

imagi's solutions benefit educators and children globally, with virtual training and learning content accessible worldwide. Our platforms have transcended borders, with 50k+ users in 100+ countries and educational partners in 26+ countries. The imagiCharm is available as an option, further enhancing scalability. imagi Edu is being developed for integration into various school subjects, with plans for expanded software capabilities. Our new Educator Ambassador program and teaching community help with reach and support for new educators. Future goals include undergoing formal impact evaluation processes, expanding the team, and ensuring platform optimization for traffic, user-friendliness, safety, and skill-building effectiveness.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Anyone can download our consumer app to learn how to code independently. Kids may discover “imagi fun coding game” in their App Store, or maybe get gifted an imagiCharm by a parent.
Educators sign up for imagi Edu for free. Within minutes they create classrooms and student accounts, access Python lessons, and begin coding. We have 2 team members working with teachers to support whenever needed.

Implementation steps

imagi Edu - for use in the classroom 👩‍🏫
Perfect for teachers of kids in grades 4-8: 1. Enjoy onboarding or training with imagi team 2. Head to https://edu.imagilabs.com/ and create an account 3. Create a classroom and add students 4. Explore coding lesson 1 slides and worksheet and type first code project 5. If you have an imagiCharm, connect via Bluetooth to bring your pixel art to life!
imagi fun coding game - for at home use 🏠📱
1. Download on App or Play Store 2. Follow intuitive account creation process 3. Code first project according to the taught level – make a heart! 4. Some fun opportunities: create from a template, add your own bio, comment on others’ projects, remix their work, earn badges for achievements, explore our learning hub for additional resources, code a unique project according to bi-weekly challenge, and much more!
imagiCharm - optional programmable accessory 💟
1. Enjoy unboxing with a sticker and special card 2. Read directions for how to turn on device and pair with phone via Bluetooth (https://imagilabs.com/pages/get-started) 3. Upload code project, and wear the charm on a backpack or hang it up!

Spread of the innovation

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