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The No.1 Arabic Language Learning Program

I Read Arabic is a scientifically proven, cutting edge K-12 literacy platform that aims to advance the quality of Arabic language learning, Arabic literacy and instruction for students in K-12. The programs offer leveled personalized journeys enriched with over 3000+ digital resources and tests, aligned with curricula to support learning outcome attainment and support teachers in the classroom.



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Target group
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May 2024
IRA seeks to usher in an era where Arabic language education becomes more engaging, accessible, and effective, leading to increased literacy, cultural appreciation, and global competence among learners worldwide. We envision a future where our innovative platform contributes to several pivotal shifts in education including boosting Arabic literacy among learners of all ages and backgrounds.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

IRA was created by women that responded to an alarming fact: “An Arab child reads one book a year”. The two new mothers noticed the region was sorely lacking high quality educational and most importantly accessible Arabic content for young children to improve their literacy and fluency skills, in addition to constant regional turmoil that has directly affected children’s access to education.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

IRA offers self-paced and digitized educational content for schools and at-home users. IRA helps young readers advance their Arabic reading skills through reading activities at their own pace. Users start their learning journey by taking a benchmark assessment; based on their performance, they get placed in an appropriate reading level. The platform offers 23 levels mapped to mastery skills based on regional Standards for Teaching Arabic for Native Speakers.IRA program has been rigorously tested and third party impact evaluations have proven that approximately 30% literacy improvements are achieved by using our resources and content, especially with students in refugee camps and public schools. The platform is gamified and offers over 3000+ digital resources and tests (videos, books, interactive exercises) that cover gender equality, social cohesion, STEAM, and thousands of teacher resources that support individualized and differentiated approaches to teaching and learning.

How has it been spreading?

Based in Jordan, with offices in Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia, IRA reaches 450K in 10 Arab countries working in the private and public-school sectors as well as remedial schools that serve refugee and displaced students. We have captured the widest market penetration amongst any other Arabic literacy solutions in the MENA region availing our products to public and private schools regionally. Our programs are globally recognized by organizations such as the World Bank and MIT and we have partnered with various foundations, NGOs as well as the private sector including UNICEF, Vodafone Foundation and hundreds of educational institutions to to scale our impact. We actively engage with parents, caregivers, and community stakeholders to promote a culture of literacy outside the classroom.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

How to download I Read Arabic App:

Google Play:
App Store:


Implementation steps

Donwload the application
Register your account
Take a placement test to determine your level
Begin your journey of reading and learning through questions and worksheets and activities and gamified learning

Spread of the innovation

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