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A community of built environment professionals and teachers building the future through education.

De-a Arhitectura

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De-a Arhitectura is a community of built environment professionals and teachers shaping a better future through architecture education for children, youth and adults. Our programs foster creativity and innovation, and help children get ready for the real world. In almost a decade we’ve reached over 30.000 pupils in Romania, involving 1100 teachers and 900 volunteer architects.
Ioana Aldea, architect, Romania
“I enjoyed working with children, who taught me more about creativity, communication, hugs and joy than I taught them about proportions, techniques, teamwork and more.”

Ioana Aldea, architect, Romania


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Updated on November 10th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

The Romanian battle for a better living environment is fought against ignorance! Every child has the right to know about the complex processes that transform the built environment he/she lives in. By providing resources & tools for understanding the environment we live in, children are better equipped to make choices in the future and the ideas that they are too part of the society are reinforced.

How does your innovation work in practice?

All the programs designed, starting with 2011, are meant to support children in developing a range of skills and abilities which are less used in the traditional educational process in Romania: interpretation and abstract thinking; representation and visual expression, sense of place and space; creativity; the ability to observe, to perceive and critically analyze the built environment, identifying its values; the civic sense and the responsibility towards both built and natural environment.
Children love it, parents appreciate the original activities, whilst teachers see the potential of a program which normally doesn’t take place in school as part of the regular curriculum, an intersection and coming to fruition of all other subjects taught which link together and give a bigger picture, helping children get ready for the real world. With the presence of a built environment professional alongside the teacher, pupils are being exposed to another kind of education, an experiential one.

How has it been spreading?

For us, as for many others, 2020 was a turning point, but also full of opportunities. We’ve adapted to the pandemic context and created new digital content, easily available on our channels with the hashtag #DeaArhitecturaAtHome, we’ve developed an online guide for the program “My School Can Be Cool” (participative design) and provided the tools for assessing the learning progress/learning skills of those involved, to be used by both teachers and students, we’ve partnered with a national radio station and curated “The city for people” radio show talking about relevant topics in our field during the pandemic.
The next years will be focused on consolidating our programs in the new reality and tackling a newer age group for us – high-school and university students, alongside adults.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To replicate the program in a different context you can contact the association at The course materials are mainly in Romanian, but over the years we’ve translated part of it into German, Hungarian, English and French. In Romania, all De-a arhitectura teaching materials, workbooks and training courses are free for their users in the public schools.


HundrED Academy Review

Digital assets makes the program highly portable. Methods of engagement the Arts, Maths, Design Thinking and Project-based learning key elements of future-oriented learning that prioritize skills development globally relevant.

- HundrED Academy Member

This innovation empowers students to create to benefit their communities. Students are introduced to the concept of civic responsibility through hands-on experience and practical applications, while guiding teachers with architectural resources.

- HundrED Academy Member
De-a Arhitectura focuses on the importance of building learning environments where children and adults can become active citizens in their local communities. Through games, experiments and a hands-on methodology, this innovation fosters skills such as creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.
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Achievements & Awards

November 2021
HundrED 2022
June 2021
The Romanian Ministry of Education invited De-a Arhitectura to present our programs in the Meeting of the Directors General for Schools, organized under the framework of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (April 2019)
June 2021
The third edition of the “De-a arhitectura TALKS” Conference started on April 1st, 2017. Guests from Finland, Germany, Japan, and Romania presented their work experiences, examples of good practice in relation to Built Environment Education (BEE).
June 2021
The second edition of the “De-a arhitectura TALKS” Conference started on November 7th, 2015, with examples of good practice from Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.
June 2021
De-a Arhitectura was a guest in the Romanian Pavilion as part of the “Mnemonics” project at the 16th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018
May 2021
The first edition of the “De-a arhitectura TALKS” Conference started on November 15th, 2014, with presentations and discussions, followed by half a day of workshops. The speakers came from: Austria, Hungary, Romania, and UK.
May 2021
The project “Architecture in my school! My dream class!” was awarded in the “Initiatives for quality architecture” category at the BETA - Timisoara Architecture Biennale (November 2016)
May 2021
Awarded “The most active supporter of design and architecture” at the ELLE Decoration Awards 2015 - Romania
May 2021
Awarded in the “Participatory Architecture and Civic Actions” category at the 13th edition of the Bucharest Architecture Annual (July 1st, 2015)
May 2021
The curriculum for the program addressing children of 9-11 years old was approved in 2014 as an elective course by the Romanian Ministry of Education.
May 2021
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