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You can't support what you don't observe

HoloTracker facilitates the substantiation of learners’ social emotional growth and development. By empowering the capture, synthesis and communication of observational data, it enables educators to make learning explicit, adaptive and joyful. They are better positioned to mentor individual learners’ character development, personalise teaching strategies,and support social-emotional well-being.



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January 2024
We're looking to address the epidemic of social emotional learning. By making visible the crucial social and emotional context behind day-to-day learning, we boost learner, educator, and parent engagement in whole-learning excellence. It helps educators understand and address classroom dynamics, students develop metacognition and self-esteem, and parents to engage trustfully in learning.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

HoloTracker was created from a growing dissatisfaction with the constant difficulties we encountered in trying to adequately capture and articulate whole-student development. Traditional academic assessments are limited, while other methods such as end-of-term surveys are onerous and laden with cognitive biases. We therefore developed and implemented a solution to this universal problem.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

HoloTracker provides a system for educators and learners to proactively articulate learning in social emotional dimensions:

- Using any web-enabled device, users simply tap twice to capture every meaningful instance of character growth – first to capture a cluster of behaviours, and the second to assign the observation to the student(s) involved. Qualitative details can be added via voice or text, describing contextual information.
- Individual institutions typically capture ~2000 observations a week, increasing up to 8000 a week during peak periods.
- Our system synthesises this behavioural data to reveal learning patterns at the individual, group and institution levels.
- Leveraging in-app generative AI tools, educators gain insight on key learning indicators such as individual and group learning cadence, social dynamics, and identify key learning gaps in classrooms.

How has it been spreading?

Our tool currently supports >30,000 learners and educators, spanning 20+ public schools in Singapore and around the world, including schools for Special Education Needs.

Individual schools initiate regular sharings of their implementation within school districts, and this ground-up adoption is supplemented by local government bodies that unlock resources to scale implementation across entire school systems. Together, this integrated approach lands HoloTracker in a unique position to supplement system integrators and policymakers with data-driven recommendations that advance assessment and support for social emotional learning.

We are extending pilots across Asia, Europe and the Americas with a diverse range of public and private schools planned for 2024.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Starting is easy! Set up is quick (matter of days) and we work with you from the beginning to ensure success. We look forward to understanding your school's needs and supporting it.

Contact us: Aik (

Implementation steps

Get in touch!
Reach out to our team at or through our website
Decide on your learning framework and targeted use
Through our first conversations, you can provide your preferred learning framework (e.g. a cluster of 6 social and emotional skills your learning institution is looking out for) and we onboard your classes within 1 week.
Ready for use!
We're ready to deploy! We schedule a 20-min introduction to your educators and students and we're all ready to see the impact on learning.

Spread of the innovation

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