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Educação em Rede - Education Network

place Brazil

Teachers exchanging experience with teachers through social media

Educação em Rede reestablished the link between teachers and students during the social isolation period. It mitigated the learning inequalities potentiated by the classes suspension, by sharing educational contents created by teachers to teachers and creating communities, where educators all over the country could exchange best practices using social media.



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March 2021
Nova Escola have enabled an educational change in Brazil. This was so invigorating, that until today I keep discussing the courses' topics with teachers all over the country.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

During Pandemic teachers had to face something extremely challenging, in an environment almost completely analogical as it's in schools Brazil. Our research showed that teachers were struggling with basic issues, such as the lack of students’ feedback and they were lagging behind the learning objectives of the previous months. We wanted to reestablish the link between teachers and students.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

From April to May 2020, Nova Escola, in partnership with Facebook, carried out 15
online training courses and furthered exchange experiences on the use of technology for
mediation of educational processes in a remote context. The project created a support network so that teachers could search and share solutions to minimize the impact of the crisis. The key innovative components of this project were (i) the engagement network created in social media communities, (ii) the participation of teachers and school leaders during all the process, contents created by teachers to teachers, (iii) the fastness in the production of effective content, and (iv) the usage of social networks that were already familiar. The project results were substantial. The broadcasts reached more than 256,000 unique users and 457,000 views, with 91% of satisfaction (NPS). The groups on Facebook and WhatsApp gathered, at least, 23,000 people. The marketing campaign reached 10 million users on social networks.

How has it been spreading?

We've encouraged matches between teachers and school leaders all over Brazil, that faced similar challenges but were very lonely and anxious by the beginning of the social distancing imposed by the pandemic. The success of the project promoted the launch of other initiatives in Nova Escola, we produced even more contents and online courses of subjects related to the main teachers difficulties during the pandemic and how to mitigate learning gaps. One of these initiatives is called “Conexão Educativa”, developed in partnership with Google.org. In this project, we adapted 6.000 lesson plans for distance learning. That's another open and free content that we managed to adapt to strength teacher preparation for the remote learning scenario.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We created a dedicated web page, where we systematized all the content and videos of the online courses in a single page.
For the next few years, Nova Escola plans to enhance the number of teachers and school leaders reached by our initiatives. We are 100% focused on strengthening our educators to be ready for the educational challenges that will come up.

Spread of the innovation

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