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Hundred 2019
HEI Schools is a preschool concept that brings the excellence of Finnish early childhood education all over the world.

HEI Schools

Marker Helsinki, Finland
HEI Schools is the first comprehensive concept that licenses Finnish early childhood education to international markets: a carefully designed and planned business concept with research-based curriculum, teacher training, beautiful and functional spaces and high-quality learning materials. The HEI concept will enable high-standard early education to be taken all over the world.

Bringing the Finnish preschool model to the whole world

“The root of the HEI Schools concept is to think big: we will consider our project a success once high standard early childhood education and the HEI Schools concept are accessible to as many families in terms of both cost and physical distance. It’s part of our Nordic genome: leveraging volume to make a well-designed product available to as many people as possible.”

Milla Kokko, CEO

HEI Schools was co-founded by the University of Helsinki and experienced educational & design experts in Finland due to the increasing global demand for high quality early childhood education (ECE).

The HEI Schools ECE model i.e. the HEI curriculum is derived from the research-based Finnish educational approach. The HEI curriculum is supported by high quality teacher training, Nordic space design, carefully selected learning materials and operational support to make the HEI Concept.

The pedagogical perspective of HEI Schools is based on decades of academic research on how children learn, and how teachers are educated. These academic studies as well as ongoing new research work are integral for the success of the HEI Schools concept.

Embracing Nordic values of accessibility and openness, the HEI Schools mission is to make high quality Finnish early childhood education available globally for children, teachers, parents and operators. At HEI, we feed creative minds and raise children who will not only adapt to the changing world but change the world themselves!

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Intended Outcomes
1 - 6
Age Group
Resources Needed
ECE operators with experience and capabilities in operating preschools. Experienced and educated preschool and kindergarten teachers.

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Sign a contract to become a HEI Licensee
Please be in touch with us for more information and pricing on the HEI Schools concept. We will go through the HEI model in detail, possibly meet in person and visit our preschool/kindergarten and agree on the region where you would like to become the licensee before signing an agreement together.
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Participate in HEI Management Training
After signing the contract, we will craft a project plan together. We will then invite your management and pedagogical leadership team for a management training period in Helsinki, Finland.
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Hire your local HEI Team
After going through the HEI Management Training in Finland and understanding what kind of teams are needed in each location, the local management team will need to hire local teachers. HEI Schools in Helsinki will also send HEI mentor teachers for support to your local HEI Schools.
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Train local HEI Schools teachers
Once you have the team in place, your pedagogical management will train the local HEI Schools teachers as they have received training at HEI headquarters in Helsinki earlier. The HEI Schools mentor teachers will also help in practice for a 2 month period at the local HEI Schools.
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Implement marketing locally
The local management will have received training and guidelines in branding and marketing in the HEI way during HEI Management Training. The local team will be responsible for creating and implementing marketing plans. The HEI headquarters in Helsinki will continue to give operational support.
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Prepare HEI Creative Learning Space
After finding the premises, HEI HQ with Finnish architects and the local team with local architects will coordinate the renovation of the learning space together. The HEI local team is responsible for the construction work and will follow the local regulations and HEI Space design guidelines.
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