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Generation Global

Developing global citizens through intercultural dialogue

Generation Global is the Tony Blair Institute’s education programme for young people ages 13 to 17 that equips them with the knowledge of global issues, life skills, and attitudes of open-mindedness to become active and engaged global citizens. We provide live dialogue sessions and interactive online modules on global topics for learners and educational materials for teachers.

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April 2024
Young people are open-minded global citizens who leverage intercultural dialogue to engage with diversity and navigate global challenges. We see a world where young people share their perspectives and ideas openly, celebrate diversity, and are empathetic towards each other.

About the innovation

What is Generation Global?

With 1.8 billion young people globally aged 10 to 24, the digital world plays a huge role in how they learn and connect. Yet, they are also grappling with big global issues like climate change and poverty. That's why it's important to give them the tools to understand different perspectives, communicate their ideas, appreciate diversity, and take action for positive change.

That's where Generation Global comes in! We help young people find their voice in an increasingly interconnected world. We are the Tony Blair Institute’s education programme for young people ages 13 to 17 that equips them with the knowledge of global issues, life skills, and attitudes of open-mindedness to become active and engaged global citizens. We offer many educator and learner resources, these are:

Educator materials: A collection of downloadable free teaching materials, resources, skill building activities, and lesson plans to teach about specific global issues and topics inside or outside the classroom. These contemporary topics align well with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and include topics such as Wealth and Poverty, The Rights of Women and Girls, Climate Change, Human Trafficking, and many others.

Gamified global citizenship youth platform: The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure (UDA) is an immersive and fun online game for young people aged 13-17. Through the UDA, young people hone essential dialogue and communication skills, delve into over 16 global topics, and build intercultural connections with peers worldwide through written and live dialogue. The UDA is available as both an online platform and Mobile App. This gives young people the flexibility to receive real-time notifications, access content online, and engage even in low-bandwidth situations. It also aligns with Web Accessibility Initiative 2.1 guidelines, ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Video conferencing: A standout feature of the programme is our 60-minute interactive online dialogues for young people on global issues facilitated by one of Generation Global’s trained experts. This is a real-time synchronous video dialogue that allows for direct face-to-face communication with global peers. It's a safe and inclusive online space where young people can interact, connect, and learn from peers around the world. In this way, video conferences allow young people to learn about different countries and cultures, compare values and experiences on today's most pressing global issues, boost self-confidence, and develop critical thinking skills.

Professional development and networking for educators: Our free online "Introduction to Dialogue" course equips both formal and non-formal educators with essential skills for fostering intercultural dialogue. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate and access to downloadable activities. Also, we offer in-person and online workshops, and hybrid training sessions to help educators integrate dialogue practices into their communities. Our educator meet-ups and webinars foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among educators.

By joining Generation Global, young people:

• Join a moderated international community of 60k young people, connecting with peers beyond the classroom.

• Share thoughts on important topics like education, women's rights, climate change, media literacy, and cultural diversity.

• Improve English language and communication skills through guided video conferences.

• Build confidence and empathy by interacting with others from diverse backgrounds.

• Experience gamified online learning, making education both fun and informative.

All our resources and tools are designed to support young people develop the five core skills of dialogue, which are:

Global Communication: Authentically sharing personal stories and respecting diverse perspectives.

Active Listening: Understanding and empathising with others' viewpoints.

Critical Thinking: Analysing and interpreting information about self, others, and the world.

Asking Questions: Encouraging deeper understanding, inclusion of all voices, and to move the dialogue forward.

Reflection: Evaluating one's own and others' experiences of dialogue and its impact on personal development.

The programme aligns with established educational standards, including the Home Learning Approaches Framework and ISTE Student Standards, ensuring an immersive and enriching learning experience. Recognised as best practice by UNESCO, The Club de Madrid, National Council for Social Studies, and the Brookings Institution, our approach to global citizenship education has been implemented successfully in over 40 countries.


Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

Free access to resources and the ability for any school to register for online participation in the program, this innovation can be easily scaled internationally.

By creating a safe space for students to interact with students from different countries while training teachers on effective dialogue facilitation, this innovation is a safe and impactful global citizenship program.

- Academy member
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My experience with Generation Global as a learner
Unlocking Futures Skills Together: Generation Global & Children Believe Partnership
A Mexican Teacher's Journey with Generation Global Dialogue Programme
Generation Global Featured in UNESCO Global Education Coalition Annual Report We are thrilled to share that the Generation Global programme has been featured in the UNESCO Global Education Coalition’s annual report for its impact in promoting global citizenship and fostering dialogue skills among young people globally. Read the full report here:
Nurturing Global Citizens in Indonesia Ibu Dyah Khomsiyati, a dedicated teacher at MTsN 1 Kota Malang, Indonesia, who is leading transformative change in her classroom. Through Generation Global, she’s empowering her students with essential 21st-century skills and nurturing them to become engaged
Bring Global Citizenship Tools And Resources To Your IB Classroom
Generation Global Clubs in Action From India to Indonesia and across the Middle East, educators and youth are elevating the Generation Global programme through innovative clubs. We connected with some of them to learn about their exciting initiatives and best practices. Explore our blog to uncover their inspiring ideas. Read here:
“We Need To Act Now”: The Global Concerns Shared by Young People Generation Global conducted a study in which have voiced their views on the critical issues that demand the attention of political leaders worldwide. Check out the report
Teaching resource on ‘Quality Education’ Within this resource, educators will find a thorough exploration of the significance of quality education for all, and its pivotal role as a United Nations SDG. Learners will engage in a thought-provoking journey, delving into the global challenges that surround quality education.
Generation Global and British Council Empower Educators in Dialogue Education In this collaboration, we aim to provide educators with essential professional development skills for using dialogue tools and resources to enhance their teaching methods. Educators will be able to create an inclusive learning environment centred around dialogue.
Special Dialogues on Gender Equality in EdTech In collaboration with Bett Asia, Generation Global organised Bett EdTech 10 Dialogues, engaging 150+ youth from seven countries including India, Indonesia, Ghana, Ukraine, Thailand, Cyprus, and Jordan. These dialogues explored gender equality in EdTech, fostering free expression, communication skills, and critical thinking among participants.
Taking Center Stage at GESS Dubai Generation Global took an active role at GESS Dubai, advocating for the transformative power of dialogue in education. From moderating engaging workshops to insightful armchair chats, they connected with inspiring organisations, schools, educators, and EdTech professional worldwide, all dedicated to reshaping the learning experience for students.
Introducing Intercultural Dialogue as part of the IB curriculum Generation Global has joined forces with the International Baccalaureate (IB), putting intercultural dialogue at the core of education. Our engaging activities for teaching dialogue, available on IB Exchange, empower educators globally to foster global-mindedness, empathy, and effective communication in their classrooms.
Generation Global in the Spotlight at Bett Asia 2023 Generation Global has won the prestigious Bett Asia Awards 2023 in the 21st Century Learning category. The 21st Century Learning Award, one of the most competitive categories, acknowledges organisations effectively utilising EdTech to nurture students into independent and confident global citizens.
Empowering Rwandan youth through Dialogue Rwanda’s Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and the Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) have joined forces with Generation Global to bring global citizenship education to over 4000 Rwanda youth. Together, the goal is to empower young people of Rwanda with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to thrive in an interconnected and diverse world.
Generation global programme launched for students in A.P. and Tamil Nadu
Introduction to Dialogue course launch event - Generation Global
Youth Blog: Easy Ways to Sustain the Dialogue Skills Rishabh, our alumni moderator, has been learning the skills required to be a Global Citizen through the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure. He writes about how the programme is supporting him in developing future-ready skills in a fun and engaging way. Read here:
A journey and a dream to master the dialogue skills and pass them on to others
Keren! Siswa Subang Diskusi Soal Perubahan Iklim dengan Siswa India
Global Citizenship - What is it for the youth of tomorrow? Vaidehi, a Generation Global alumni from India, answers three critical questions that young people today may have on their path to becoming global citizens. Her blog for young people helps them understand their relationship with the world.
Generation Global at the TVET launch in Bonn Generation Global spoke about the programme and its importance in education in providing core communication skills to young people as they transition into technical and vocational opportunities. She presented this on a panel with other Global Skills Academy members at the UNESCO Strategy for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) launch
Generation Global educator wins Outstanding Teacher and Education Personnel Award 2022 Ahmad Thohir Yoga, a Generation Global educator from Indonesia, has been awarded the Outstanding Teacher and Education Personnel Award (GTK) 2022 by Ministry of Religious Affairs in Indonesia for his innovation in global citizenship education for madrasah students using the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure.

Implementation steps

Join Generation Global as a Young Person
• Register on the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure web platform ( or download the Generation Global App on Android or iOS.
• If you are on the App, sign up now using your Apple or Google ID
• Complete the first three skills modules called ‘The Learning Dojo’.
• From the dashboard, choose a topic linked with a global issue to complete.
• Book a Video Conference with global peers for real-time dialogue.
• Download your certificate.
Join Generation Global as an Educator
• Register on the Generation Global Teacher Portal
• From the dashboard, create a class and invite your students to register on our online youth platform, The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure
• Download teaching resources on global issues to use in the classroom.
• Book your learners into a live virtual dialogue with peers from around the world to dialogue on global issues
• Take the free self-paced 'Introduction to Dialogue' course to learn dialogue pedagogy and skills.

Spread of the innovation

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