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GYAAN- Education Evolved

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AI Power Secured & Organized Online Classroom

Gyaan is an AI Powered, Secured & Organized Online Classroom, Learning Management, and Conferencing Systems Platform to support all education Providers starting from individual teachers to a large group of institutions. Gyaan being a complete e-learning Platform and Solution, empower Institutes, Coaching Classes, Schools, and Private Tutors to go online and deliver engaging education to their stud



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Target group
February 2023
I hope to see education become more accessible to all students, regardless of their location or background. By providing online resources and tools that can be accessed from anywhere, Help to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all students have access to quality education. I can help to foster a more collaborative and engaging learning environment

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

1. The Data privacy and security of the study material.(Encryption, access Control)
2. Challenges in conducting online classes.(Technology Issues, Assessment and Evaluation)
3. Challenges in conducting tests and their evaluation.(Cheating, Test Security, Evaluation Bias)
4. The organization-level challenge in E-Learning.(Infrastructure, Training and Development, Quality Assurance, Data Security)

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Video Streaming: Smooth Streaming, Dynamic Watermarking with user IP & Username,
DRM-based Encrypted Streaming with download protection with video CDN services to
ensure the quality of streams.
● AI Based Malpractice detection: Biometric Authentication (Facial Recognition),
Behavioral Analysis (monitor the behavior of the person taking the exam to identify
patterns that may indicate cheating), Plagiarism Detection (Analyze the content of the
exam responses to identify cases of plagiarism), Proctoring (AI algorithms can monitor
the exam in real-time to identify potential cases of malpractice).
● Online Classroom: Video Conferencing with no student limit, Whiteboard, Screen
Sharing & recording, Direct Video playback from video links, Polls & Quiz During
● Gyaan Forum: Forum used to facilitate learning and discussion. Forums where students
can ask questions and receive answers from experts in a particular field, or where
students can discuss course material and collaborate on a

How has it been spreading?

Last 1-2 years we we have achieved more than 1000+ Institutes, 2000+ teachers, 10,000+ Students.
Next 2-3 years goals we are planning to expands our platform and moving forward with many more new features in our GYAAN platform.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If some wants to adopt they should contact with our Team. Contact details : info@gahanai.com, +91 7204901286 Website : www.gahan-gyaan.com
Or visit our website : www.gahan-gyaan.com click on sign up as a new user.
Guidance : https://youtu.be/ZH7MMjnprCM

Implementation steps

Registration your institute/School/College/Coachin
Institute registration : https://medium.com/@sohini-hazra/how-to-register-institutes-coaching-classes-schools-private-tutors-in-gyaan-and-how-institute-9556fede4390 Teacher Management : https://sohini-hazra.medium.com/how-teacher-logging-in-gyaan-platform-and-manage-students-classes-and-share-study-materials-in-e8a772948a11 Online classroom Guidance : https://sohini-hazra.medium.com/online-classroom-features-in-gyaan-platform-249306a092a4
Test evaluation
How teacher will do evaluation : https://sohini-hazra.medium.com/how-the-teacher-will-conduct-the-test-and-evaluate-assignments-on-the-gyaan-platform-9f8c21228ea8 Learning Management system : https://sohini-hazra.medium.com/how-teacher-logging-in-gyaan-platform-and-manage-students-classes-and-share-study-materials-in-e8a772948a11
Stuednt Registration
How to join: https://sohini-hazra.medium.com/how-to-register-student-in-gyaan-and-how-join-online-classes-in-gyaan-a6f63daee45a How to give exam : https://sohini-hazra.medium.com/how-students-will-give-exams-and-submit-assignments-to-the-teacher-in-gyaan-platform-546290c037fb Gyaan Forum : https://sohini-hazra.medium.com/gyaan-forum-post-your-questions-get-solutions-within-24hrs-3e95ed11c640

Spread of the innovation

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