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Tekwill in Every School Program

place Moldova

Equipping every child in Moldova with Future Ready Skills.

Tekwill in Every School Program is the largest and most impactful educational project in the Republic of Moldova. Our goal is to equip every student in the country with future-ready skills. Our mission is to cultivate a generation of young specialists that have the skills and knowledge to develop products and solutions that benefit their communities, the environment and country’s wellbeing.

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May 2023
The Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) and the "Tekwill" project have committed to transform education in Moldova by raising a generation of young specialists who can create products and services at home in Moldova that respond to national and global socio-economic challenges.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe that doesn’t have rich natural resources, mountains nor a seaside. Human capital is the most valuable resource we have at our disposal to achieve economic growth. And investing in education and human capital development, starting from school, is essential for the prosperous future of our country.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

To achieve our goal, we have developed eight e-courses in partnership with the Ministry of Education. For each course we have created digital resources (text content, video lessons, interactive exercises, quizzes) that can be accessed by teachers and students on our eLearning platform for free. Within just three years since the program’s implementation in 333 schools across the country, over 50,000 K12 students were able to study at least one of the 8 elective subjects, part of the school program. With the guidance of over 1,000 teachers, students have learnt to code, design, and develop websites and mobile apps, create graphic designs, learn about artificial intelligence, develop business plans, master video storytelling, and improve their public speaking skills.
Our focus is not only on equipping students with IT skills, but also to encourage young people to use their digital expertise to develop valuable tech solutions for the environment and the community.

How has it been spreading?

- 60% of all high schools in Moldova are connected and benefit from the Tekwill in Every School Program
- Over 1,000 teachers have successfully completed the Tekwill Training Program and today teach Tekwill disciplines to students in schools
- About 500 computer science teachers have successfully switched from Pascal programming language to more modern ones such as C/C++ and Python for teaching computer science classes
- Over 1,500 teachers were trained on the innovative teaching method Flipped Classroom
- Over 50,000 students have studied at least one Tekwill course in their school
- Over 2,000 tech projects and solutions developed by students for the community
- 34 Digital Labs launched in schools throughout the country

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Currently the program is opened for all schools from Moldova as our resources are customised in Romanian and Russian language. All schools interested to join our program can submit an application, registrations are opened on a yearly basis.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

Empowering youth to develop skills and knowledge to make products through Tekwill's programs help young people to enter working life with a resilient attitude.

The problem is clearly stated, and Tekwill is directed towards the challenge and appears so feasible to implement. With the appropriate funding this innovation can scale with ease.

- Academy member
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High Impact
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High Impact
High Scalability
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High Scalability
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Implementation steps

Content Development
A development team of 12 authors, designers and video production companies have worked on developing the content and digital resources of eight courses related to future skills in both Romanian and Russian languages.
eLearning Platform Development
The platform was developed to host the digital resources and the eight courses for students.
Schools' registration application
In the first year (2020) - 77 schools were selected for the pilot program
In the 2nd year (2021) - 157 school more were connected to the program
In the 3rd year (2022) - another 99 schools joined the Tekwill community
In total there are at the moment 333 schools from all districts of the country.
Teacher Training Program
this is a complex training program that lasts for minimum 8-10 weeks throughout the entire summer for teachers to be instructed on the selected course. in 2020 - 200 teachers
in 2021 - 600 teachers
in 2022 - 1,000 teachers
Teacher Mentoring Program
Throughout the entire academic year, teachers that completed the training program benefit from Mentoring sessions once a week in order to review the content and prepare for the next lesson with their students.

Spread of the innovation

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