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Adaobi Onyejike-Ananaba

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GLEN project teaches young girls -mostly high-school-age students how to think like leaders and to become entrepreneurs.

Girls Leadership and entrepreneurship network (GLEN)

Lagos, Nigeria
Girls' Leadership and Entrepreneurship Network works through school clubs that gives girls in schools opportunities to contribute actively to global issues, develop their leadership skills, build confidence and inspire girl-led enterprises. Our areas of focus is on Human Centred Design, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Education and Economic Empowerment using design thinking methods.

Girls Leadership and Entrepreneurship Network: Inspiring leadership through design.

Olive Eko CA,  Girl Child Art Foundation alumni.
“"The truth is that GCAF gave me the boldness to talk. I appreciated the vision. I felt I could do more as a woman because I had no limits." ”

Olive Eko CA, Girl Child Art Foundation alumni.

“Looking around and behind me, I realized that many girls were not as fortunate as I had been. Something had to change, and I saw that the biggest impact I could make was to intervene early enough when their choices could still be positively influenced and shaped. This compelled me to create a platform to reach developing young women early and inspire young girls to be successful leaders in today’s business world.”

 Ada Onyejike-Ananaba 

Founder, Girl Child Art Foundation.

What we do?

GLEN enables girl CEO’s to identify, align, plan and improve the quality of their products and services. The GLEN Program is designed to help girls start their first serious business and also shape their perceptions of themselves as empowered individuals capable of anything! Girls CAN always!! 

Why we do it?

So many girls and older women struggle with issues of roles and expectations, self-confidence, low self esteem, leadership styles and communication. Girls grow up believing that they cannot be owners of successful big businesses. We want to break that chain. By starting at an early age mentoring and creating new learnings and perceptions of strength, success, fulfilment and leadership, we can create tomorrow's successful female business leaders and owners.

Our vision and mission is to see African girls empowered to fulfil their destiny by helping them realize and develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Our goal is to invest in sustainable solutions that will mitigate or end poverty, provide equal opportunities for social, economic and educational development, and that will ensure a life free from violence. 

GLEN helps female students discover the super powers, develop the talents through our creative platform..... what they want to achieve? What is their passion and areas of interest, through design thinking methods and arts.  

We run The Girls leadership and Entrepreneurship Clubs in various schools (GLEC) has exposed more than 50,000 students to the power of the entrepreneurship mindset.

Girls Leadership and Entrepreneurship Network is a sub-project of Girl Child Art Foundation Nigeria.

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Innovation Overview
8 - 18
Age Group
50 000
Tips for implementation
GLEN programs teach leadership, supply chain, Social media marketing, general marketing, e-commerce, and finance in an intensive hands-on Booth camp program. We want to take advantage of the early years of girls lives to foster self sufficiency and establish 21st century skills including empathy.
Contact information
Adaobi Onyejike-Ananaba

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GLEN Studios
School outreach- Introduction to leadership
Livelihood inspired projects- Girl Led business booth camps


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