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Transforming Students into conscious Leaders: A Peer Teaching/Learning Pedagogy

Peer-based Learning

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Involve Learning Solutions Foundation was founded with the objective of creating an ecosystem of students supporting each other. We create this support system through an innovative pedagogical approach of peer-based learning that would enable them to develop skills (academic and non-academic), exercise their voice and choice and eventually develop agency to make informed decisions for themselves.
Divanshu Kumar, Founder, Involve
What if we could have students as co-creators of the teaching-learning process? Imagine how it would be if students had the skills and took ownership to lead their own learning?

Divanshu Kumar, Founder, Involve


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Updated on June 26th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Students today are passive recipients of education with no ownership of their learning. This creates unmotivated learners with inadequate academic skills & future-readiness. It transforms into a lack of agency, an inability to make decisions or exercise their choices. Hence, it is essential to create age-appropriate experiences for students to take ownership of learning & transform into leaders.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Peer learning has been shown to positively impact learning outcomes, classroom behaviour, collaboration and responsibility among students. This in turn will allow teachers to take on more mentor and facilitator roles where their time and skill are used to guide knowledge acquisition rather than just managing classrooms.

Our programs are focussed on developing two skill sets in the students
Academic skills: Our programs aim to ensure students of all grades achieve mastery in foundational numeracy and literacy through the use of activity-based learning, innovative Teaching-Learning materials and levelled student-friendly curriculum

Future-ready skills: The Peer Teaching program gives them a practical experience of leadership which is key for them to see the visible shift in themselves. We enhance that with Leadership sessions & reflective practice so that the students internalise the process.

How has it been spreading?

Over the past four years, we have worked with 10,000 students across three geographies, with a focus to bridge academic learning gaps and build future readiness in them.

We wish to take this pedagogy and program to each child in India, through two approaches. On one hand integrating within the government schooling system, by working with teachers, school leaders, educational officers & educational departments in the government. Over the next three years, we plan to work with 3 districts and 1 state through this model impacting half a million students.

The second approach to scale is via non-profit partners who cater to students in rural areas and areas serving vulnerable populations. Through this model we will work with 5 partners over the next 3 years, reaching 50,000 students.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

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Achievements & Awards

June 2022
Winner of Global Engagement Summit 2017 at Chicago against 45 delegates from 19 countries
March 2022
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September 2020
Our Co-Founder, Samyak Jain got selected for TFIx, which is TFI’s Incubation Program that supports and guides educational entrepreneurs.
September 2019
Got into the Grant Accelerator programme of CSF
July 2019
Our Co-Founder, Samyak got into the top 30 worldwide gratitude network
April 2019
Reimagine Education - Global top 13 shortlist for presence learning and teaching award
May 2018
Selected as top 16 'Young Social Entrepreneurs' globally by 'Singapore International Foundation'
March 2018
Selected as Top 8 Non-Profits by N/Core by Nudge Foundation

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Interested in creating student-centric classrooms?
At Involve, we strongly believe "Alone we can do so little, and together we can do so much", and reinventing the wheel is always a waste of time. That is why we wanted to create an SOP for peer teaching programs so that any educators can make use of it in order to build student agency.
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