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Learning Your Way

We create and deliver quality digital learning materials for the 25 million K-8 students and teachers enrolled in the Bangladesh national curriculum to improve academic performance and socio-emotional learning. Materials include multimedia lessons, practice sets, and e-books. Personalised accounts allow for progress tracking and storytelling is a key component of the teaching methodology.



HundrED shortlisted this innovation

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Target group
Students basic
August 2023
In students, we hope to see improved literacy and numeracy as well as emotional well-being, measured by our SEL rubric. In teachers, we hope to see an increase in job satisfaction, reduction in time spent on lesson plans and improvement in classroom engagement and management.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We created CholPori to tackle low literacy and numeracy rates and dropping motivation among students and teachers in the school system in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a very high enrollment rate, with 25 million students in K-8 and 679 thousand teachers. And yet, only 3 in 10 students are able to read at grade level and only 1 out of 4 is able to pass class 5 math.

How does your innovation work in practice?

CholPori delivers quality learning content (multimedia lessons, practice sets, reading books) through a personalised and gamified web-app. A guardian can create an account for free to access the materials anywhere, anytime. Currently the site contains lessons for class 4 and 5 for maths, English and life sciences and over 50 illustrated books in English and in Bangla. CholPori can be used in class by educators, with a projector, laptop and Wi-Fi. Our pilot studies have shown improved classroom engagement, a boost in student and teacher satisfaction and most importantly, a marked difference in academic performance. The site contains free content and the subscription fee for 12-month access to all content is 4 USD per month (one fourth of what a junior tutor charges per month).

How has it been spreading?

Since Jan 2023, we have 3360+ users. During the pilot study we enrolled 51 students in Class 4 in three schools. In 2023 we have signed agreements with 30 schools, in which CholPori will be used and a monthly fee will be paid by the school. We will be studying the outcomes and educator feedback throughout the year-long partnership. We have produced 120 English and maths lessons and practice sets for class 4 and 5, not including 60 animated lessons and 40 illustrated books in English and Bangla. In the next year we are going to focus on production, research and development of the educator view of the product. In 2024 we will focus on B2C sales and development of a new subject. In 2025 we will release a new feature to allow teachers to create their own lessons and content.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Visit www.cholpori.com and register as a guardian using your email or mobile number! Create a student account to track progress. And let us know what you think!

Implementation steps

Register school and create CholPori accounts
Create accounts for teachers and students which they will use in class and at home.
Onboarding session for teachers with CholPori team
CholPori representatives train the host teachers to use CholPori materials in class, integrating it into their lesson plans. Feedback channels are opened for teachers to have immediate support from CholPori. This session is 2.5 hours long.
Observation and learning together
Each teacher will use CholPori in their own unique and interesting ways. We will be observing and learning from them, as well as providing support and tools to improve engagement. CholPori researchers will observe and collect feedback and suggestions.

Spread of the innovation

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