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IQ rises. Talent develops. Gender discrimination is coming to an end. Gamification, fun acceleration

Traditional learning is a gender-segregated learning method based on a teacher-centered, disjointed and rote approach, giving individuals only information but not enabling them to learn. The integrated and experiential learning (STEM) method normalizes science and real life in our minds in an integrated way. Gamification increases achievements by an average of 20 times.



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Target group
Students basic
March 2024
Countries that have started integrated experiential learning, Finland, South Korea, Japan, Singapore........ rank first in the IQ ranking. With Gamified Experiential Learning (STEMgame), the transition from traditional learning to integrated experiential learning will accelerate. Digitalization and artificial intelligence are doubling information in 1-2 days. Qualified manpower will be created.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

I am a Science teacher who is interested in science and mind games. I practiced traditional chess games for five thousand students. In traditional chess, the visuals, the names, the content (the only game that's so hard to play) are unscientific.
In the gameSTEM playset, the visuals, names, content, real life, integrated and science-based. Science and real life are becoming normal in the mind.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Children between the ages of 4 and 12 are directed to play and compete on the digital platform. The guiding play sisters and brothers are "Play Therapy" specialists. In schools, this work is carried out by the relevant teachers. During game applications, science (STEM) and real life are normalized in the minds of students in an integrated way. Students' mental capacities begin to increase. Their abilities are revealed and developed.
Competitions reinforce the habits of "Integrated Experiential Learning". Habits determine our future.
The use of increased size game sets in gaming applications and competitions creates movement continuity.
Phase 2 continues as a Mobile Game.
Qualified manpower is formed for a sustainable future.
Rare people have a Holistic Experience Learning career.

How has it been spreading?

STEM start-up information has been integrated with real-life start-up information. The resulting visuals were gamified. Decentralized you created unlimited games of different difficulty, with a starting position. Even children aged 4 can benefit from these games.
Why was this project done?
2019 European Parliament survey result: "Science Literacy" is far below the standards.

Artificial intelligence: Hi, this is Bing. Thank you for your question. 😊
"These results show that the citizens of the European Union are far below the standards of science literacy.
According to neuroscience, the human mind is superior to the quantum computer. But the part of our mind that we use is close to zero. Traditional learning methods allow individuals to be onl

If I want to try it, what should I do?

According to neuroscience, theory should be 10%, experience should be 70% and communication should be 20% in Gamified Integrated Experiential Learning. I developed the STEMgame game app in physical environment. When I find investment, my products and services will be commercialized online. There will be digital games to practice on the startup's website.

Implementation steps

Gamified Integrated Experiential Learning
1- What is traditional learning? 2- What are the integrat experiential learning outcomes? 3- What are the benefits of gamification? 4- What are the game sisters and older brothers for? 5- Why are physical playsets of increased size? 6- How do our habits decide our future? 7- Artificial intelligence, digitalization doubles knowledge in 1-2 days. How? 8-What is the use of the emergence and development of high IQ and talents? 9- Why is qualified manpower important for a sustainable future?
Start improving your IQ and abilities.
1- Reviewing and purchasing physical playsets. 2- Setting time intervals for game applications. 3- Making the decision to participate in game applications individually or as a group. 4- Identifying the game sister or older brother and communicating online. 5- Preparing for online game practice appointments. 6- Signing up for the playmate list. 7- Following the competition announcements.
gameSTEM game application observation results.
1- IQ increases, talents clarify and develop are scalable in 10-15 weeks. 2- Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence,.. increases the speed of information and reduces its cost. Its contribution to learning does not exceed 10%." Reason? 3- Female students adapt quickly to gameSTEM game applications. Attendance is growing. Reason? 4-Students with attention deficit, hyperactivity and learning difficulties quickly adapt and normalize to gameSTEM game applications. Reason?
What problems does this project solve?
- 2019 European Parliament poll result: "Science Literacy" is far below the standard.
- World Sustainability 2023 Report; There were no positive developments.
- UNDP Global Report 2023: "Gender Equality has not been fully achieved in any country."
- Turkey 2009 IQ 94 / 2023 - IQ 86. Standard IQ 100
Source: World Population Review.
Gaming web site
Part 1;
Online gaming website
- Individual, doubles, team competitions
- In-game purchases
- 1st level free, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th level paid
- Advanced robot player: $1 per week
- Paid contests,
(80% of the participation fee for the winners)
- Game rooms with spectators. In-game advertising.

2. bölüm;
Artırılmış büyüklükte, fiziksel oyun setleri ile;
- Online, oyun uygulama ve yarışma

Spread of the innovation

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