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Yumi Jeung

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Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
How can teachers be supported to implement change in their classrooms?

Future Class Network

South Korea
Education should be closely linked with changing society. FCN spreads the idea of what future education should look like, and designs 21st century education through a network of collaborative teachers to make a change in South Korea.

Are we giving well enough education for students in 21st Century?

Yumi Jeung, Content Manager at Future Class Network
“When everyone says the CRISIS of Education, we go for HOPE.”

Yumi Jeung, Content Manager at Future Class Network

The Future Class Network(FCN) is a grassroots initiative to reform the public education system by supporting forward-thinking teachers. The current public education system, which predominantly relies on a lecture-based teaching method, a legacy of the 19th century, is failing to equip the youth with the right kinds of competencies to succeed in the 21st century. FCN try to figure out the right education solution for future.

The most essential ability required of our future generation is ‘collaborative problem-solving competency’. Children in the 21st century will face unforeseen problems as societies change rapidly and drastically. In order to be prepared, they must learn how to work together to develop appropriate solutions.

Our organization was created in 2014 by a few forward-thinking public school teachers to reform the public education system from the ground up, with the ultimate goal of turning public schools into an environment where students can develop their collaborative problem-solving competency. The solution we offer is the immediate and efficient implementation of the ‘World’s Biggest Class Project’ program in public schools by training the teachers directly and leveraging the power of an online networking platform and mass media. 

In essence, the World’s Biggest Class Project is an unconventional yet highly effective teaching method with two main characteristics: 1. Teachers encourage students to engage with problems that their community faces and empower the students to collaborate to come up with practical and creative solutions. 2. The teacher, adopting a ‘flipped learning’ model, assumes a minimal role in the classroom, while students, no longer a passive audience in a lecture-based class, become proactive participants in their learning process. 

Our approach bypasses the bureaucracy of public policy-making and instead directly supports the educators to achieve immediate results. We organize bootcamps to train teachers on how to apply the flipped teaching method, provide an online platform for teachers to share their experiences and insights, document and promote our initiative on mass media, and generally support all activities that foster a tight and proactive community of teachers. 

Today, we support more than 20,000 public school teachers in Korea who actively share their testimonies online and offline about the effectiveness of the World’s Biggest Class Project in transforming their students to other teachers and society.

Future Class Network is well known for its innovative solutions and unique approach to world's education problem. This 20,000-member-organization won the Google Impact Challenge Korea(2016), Wework Creators Award(Non-profit, 2019), and selected as a finalist in MIT SOLVE Challenge in 2018. FCN Learning Lab appointed as 'World Leading Learner' in 2017 by OECD and America Achieves. 

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Tips for implementation
The most essential ability required of our students is ‘collaborative problem-solving competency’. FCN encourage teachers' network to develop education solutions enhancing the skill in classroom and at the same time, runs a school keep developing its system to find appropriate future class model.
Contact information
Yumi Jeung
HundrED Review

Education should be closely linked with changing society. Future Class Network spreads the idea of what the future of education could look like, and designs a 21st century education within this philosophy.


Soon after the launch of Future Class Network almost 10,000 teachers have collaborated by trying innovative practices, such as flipping their classrooms.


Through the Future Class Network there have been over 50 newly innovated classroom activities, with over 700 cases of teachers who have applied these activities. All of which are as a result of the Future Class Network collaboration opportunities.


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World's Biggest Class Project selected as finalist by MIT SOLVE
Yumi  Jeung


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Apply Flipped Learning for Starter
Flipped learning is a good method for developing communication, collaboration skills, which are the starting line for 21st skill set.
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Students become changemakers
World's Biggest Class Project, the motivation-oriented PBL model is the key step for FCN Future education solution.
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Share future class models via App
FCN developed own application for teachers. The app designed for making teachers easy to share their own class models and future class ideas.
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