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Yumi Jeung


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How can teachers be supported to implement change in their classrooms?

Future Class Network

South Korea
Education should be closely linked with changing society. FCN spreads the idea of what future education should look like, and designs 21st century education through a network of collaborative teachers to make a change in South Korea.

What is Future Class Network?

Yumi Jeung, Content Manager at Future Class Network
“When everyone says the CRISIS of Education, we go for HOPE.”

Yumi Jeung, Content Manager at Future Class Network

The Future Class Network set out to modify the education system in South Korea by using the media to spread innovative ideas in education. An online platform allows a network of teachers to collaborate, share experiences and challenge the traditional norms of education from the grassroots.

While the network showcases a range of educational ideas, the Flipped Classroom Project is an example of the way in which the Future Class Network supports the spread on innovation within South Korea. Working in partnership with a national broadcasting company, Future Class Network ran the first pilot of the use of flipped learning in South Korea.

In a flipped classroom, the teacher no longer lectures from the front. Instead, students come to class having watched a video created by their teacher in preparation for the day’s lesson. Rather than passively receive information, students engage in discussions, tasks and problem solving. The teacher is free to circulate and support or challenge students as needed.

The benefits of such flipped learning have been seen in improved test scores and, crucially, improved motivation on behalf of the students. Students are empowered to alter their role from passive to active. Now fewer students fall asleep in class and the ethos of the classroom has changed.

Future Class Network understand that these benefits could be lost if a class’s next teacher did not use flipped learning. Sustainability was vital if the successes were to be maintained. The idea and impact were shared on the platform where teachers could also seek advice on the implementation of the flipped classroom. By 2013, almost 10 000 teachers had tried flipping their classrooms.

To support these teachers, and those who wished to try it in the future, Future Class Network runs two day teacher boot camps. Here, teachers at different stages of the process can share their experiences and advice for adopting the innovation.

Future Class Network now has 20 000 members and recently won the Google Impact Challenge and was awarded $500 000.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
2 042
Tips for implementation
The only resources required are an innovative mindset to change traditional education and a teacher who wants to wake students up. If a teacher wants to participate in flipping their classroom they need to make the videos which takes a variable amount of time. Students also need internet access at home and teachers will need a device for recording videos.
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Yumi Jeung
HundrED Review

Education should be closely linked with changing society. Future Class Network spreads the idea of what the future of education could look like, and designs a 21st century education within this philosophy.


Soon after the launch of Future Class Network almost 10,000 teachers have collaborated by trying innovative practices, such as flipping their classrooms.


Through the Future Class Network there have been over 50 newly innovated classroom activities, with over 700 cases of teachers who have applied these activities. All of which are as a result of the Future Class Network collaboration opportunities.


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