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Formative pedagogy

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The path to competence

With formative pedagogy (FP) we change the way of teaching and beliefs about the role of the teacher and the student. By applying the skills that FP introduces, the student acquires important life skills: setting goals, planning the path to achieving the goal and setting success criteria which facilitate the recognition of achieving the goals.



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March 14th, 2023
FP helped me learn more successfully. The opportunities to demonstrate my knowledge and teachers’ feedback helped me monitor my progress, saved me a lot of time by showing me what I’ve already learned

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Due to changing values in society, challenging times, teachers are looking for ways to improve the students’ knowledge and relationships. I began to introduce self-regulated learning, formative assessment and Choice Theory, connected everything into a holistic approach which builds important life skills, increases motivation, responsibility, improves relationships.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Formative pedagogy in combination of Choice Theory improves teacher-student relationship, as well as the relationships among students, promotes achievement, which is evident in the improvement of knowledge (external exams). The students become active co-creators of the learning process, they learn how to set goals, plan the path to achieving the goal and co-design the success criteria, which help them evaluate the quality of goal achievement. They are learning important life skills and acquiring the tools which will be useful throughout their lives.
Teachers who are introducing formative pedagogy are noticing the changes, which present themselves in mutual respect, satisfaction, and calmness of the students. The students are more engaged, focused and persistent while learning and upgrading their knowledge.
We are using the insights of Visible Learning and Choice Theory, self-regulation, metacognitive strategies, formative assessment.

How has it been spreading?

The process of FP is implemented through seminars and regular meetings with a developmental group of experts and consultants, who are systematically introducing the process of FP at schools. This means working over a period of few years with a developmental group of teachers and planning to share the findings with the entire school staff.
We also organize free webinars with demonstrations given by experienced teachers, teacher networking, knowledge networking at Regional Markets and FP Consultation in Practice.
We plan to expand the team of experts who will help teachers introduce FA, design a computer program that will support FP, knowledge networking and teacher materials (teacher can help one another and co-create quality materials).
Mateja is a fierce proponent of the power of FP.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can reed a handbook Formative assessment in practice or visit the website https://formativno.si/, look at a teacher’s example and try using it in practice. You can listen to free webinars in which teachers show their examples or join an online course and a seminar. Even better – invite an experienced teacher to your school, to help the staff gradually and systematically implement the process.

Spread of the innovation

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