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Putting the emotion into education.

The pandemic devastated an already underfunded and overstretched school system, resulting in both a mental health and learning crisis. Edumoción provides access to engaging and interactive resources on priority themes as well as support through a thriving community. It is evidence based, reflecting the Latin American context, yet highly flexible and adaptable through personalised learning routes.

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Target group
April 2023
Improved educational quality (SDG 4) - Higher graduation rates, better test scores and academic outcomes. Improved health and wellbeing (SDG 3) - Improved wellbeing and lower rates of cases of mental health across the entire school community. Stronger institutions (SDG 16) - Safer and more inclusive learning and social environments that improve school climate and reduce bullying rates.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Need: to rethink the region’s educational priorities to ensure that wellbeing and SEL are at the core of all teaching methods, actions, and decisions.

Problem: The pandemic was the 21st century’s most disruptive moment for education. Schools are facing unprecedented socioemotional (stress, burnout, mental health) and pedagogical (learning losses, lack of motivation, outdated practices) challenges

What does your innovation look like in practice?

“Edumoción” develops pedagogical practices and improves educator/student socioemotional well-being:

Content platform: Educators can access innovative courses that address differing needs. To date we have over 25 courses of varying themes, lengths and with resources to support teaching in the classroom.

Online learning community: A network facilitated by Coschool where educators engage, support each other and exchange education content. We achieve this through tutorials, communities of practice, support circles and events.

Coschool combines these two elements to create one month “Educaminos”; thematic, cohort based courses. Each cohort completes 3 to 4 Edumini (1 hour micro-learning) courses, with 4 community activities integrated.

In 2022, 8710 educators participated in Edumoción courses of which respectively, 86%, 70% and 68% increased their knowledge, self-efficacy and wellbeing. User engagement is measured by Lightbulb, an AI tool that measures facial emotions.

How has it been spreading?


Regional reach - Edumoción has benefited 15k+ educators from 12 countries which reflects its adaptability, and provides enriching experiences to learn from different contexts.

The learning experience - we offer diverse options for educators to participate in learning paths that respond to their needs and interests. The graduation rate is 75% (Cohort based) and 63% (Asynchronous) and satisfaction with course content is 86%.


Traction with governments - Adoption by governments, through teaching training programs to ensure effective and widespread use, especially across the public sector.

Becoming a hub for Spanish content on SEL and CE: we are collaborating with researchers and practitioners from across the region to create a one-stop-shop for educators and schools.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Individual educators can create a free Edumoción account to access resources as well as purchase courses. Educators can also register for cohort based learning routes allowing them to connect with other educators.

Organisations (educational institutions, multilaterals etc.) can contact Coschool to organise a meeting through which we understand their needs and propose different learning routes.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

It's great to see SEL content created by Latin American researchers and educators for the region, replacing the need for translated resources. There is an urgent need SEL in the region, and Edumoción can have a huge impact in local the local schools.

The tailoring of the innovation gives it the ability to scale across Latin America. The focus on social-emotional learning using regional specific pedagogies that are innovative also allows key learners to be, potentially, applied globally.

- Academy member
Academy review results
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Implementation steps

Course selection
Educators select an Edumini or Educamino that addresses their needs. Edumoción has over 25 individual courses and 7 Educaminos currently, which address the challenges that educators and societies face. Examples include:
- Educating in contexts affected by trauma
- Self-awareness & emotional regulation
- Understanding & managing stress
- Social & Emotional Learning basics for educators
- Effective strategies to manage bullying
- Conflict prevention & resolution
- Positive relationships
Educators access resources which have varying durations and formats to accommodate educators’ busy schedules:
• Eduflash: less than 5 minutes – video, audio, and activities that provide practical and concise tips
• Edumini: less than 1 hour – our “anti-course”; access to short videos on a specific topic and the option
• Edumaster: 5+ hours – our masterclass; a deeper-dive into a theme or program
Engage with thousands of educators through Educomunidad activities, in community activities.
- Tutorials: sessions to resolve educator doubts.
- Communities of practice: study groups that, through a moderator, deepen their knowledge on a specific theme.
- Psychosocial circles of support: support groups to strengthen the skills of educators.
- Live events: weekly live sessions on pertinent themes related to their needs.
Put new learning into practice in the classroom. For each course, educators can download an Edutools kit which includes tangible activities and worksheets to facilitate learning with their students.

Spread of the innovation

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