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Young leaders in STEM who positively impact society

Fellowship Bayer Kimlu

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Climate change or the COVID-19 pandemic are problems that impact local and globally and must be addressed rigorously to solve them. Bayer Kimlu was born by and for this, a comprehensive youth training program that seeks to develop their leadership in STEM by adding them to a network of more than 350 young people, in 5 countries, with a great common goal: to positively impact society.
Catalina Silva, activist, CEO Red Kimlu
At Bayer Kimlu I lived, for the first time, with young people who shared tastes, goals and ambitions, whom today, I consider my main allies for any initiative related to science and its dissemination.

Catalina Silva, activist, CEO Red Kimlu


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Why did you create this innovation?

Bayer Kimlu was born out of the need to generate a new STEM development opportunity for the training of young people. For this, a training program was designed that empowers leadership in STEM in Latin America, with 21st Century Skills, so that they can positively impact society through the solution of local and global problems.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Bayer Kimlu is a 1-year fellowship that seeks to support and transform 40 young people from Latin America into leaders in STEM, working on 4 development axes: STEM, Leadership (21st century skills), Community and Social Impact, through 3 stages: selection, where young people apply and are part of an evaluation and selection process based on their abilities and interests; training, where they participate in an initial bootcamp, consolidating this community so that during the year, and in teams, they can develop projects that positively impact society through STEM; and closing, where they participate in a closing bootcamp presenting the impacts of their projects, in addition to entering the Kimlu Network, a community that brings together participants from previous versions and that seeks to generate synergy to continue impacting society through the areas STEM. During all these stages, young people are accompanied by STEM professionals who guide and advise them.

How has it been spreading?

In the beginning, this program impacted young people from all over Chile. Thanks to the alliance created, new impacts began, first in Argentina, enriching the experience and cultural exchange among young people and then, given their success, Uruguay and Paraguay were integrated, thus projecting to be able to impact more Latin American countries. Thanks to those who have participated, Bayer Kimlu has been known by more young people in each country, becoming ambassadors of the program for almost 10 years. In addition, thanks to the alliances, young people receive scholarships and participate in the program for free, allowing them to democratize access to this opportunity.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To be part of Bayer Kimlu every year we start an online application and selection process in which all interested young people can be part, to be chosen by the organization. We invite you to be aware of our future calls!


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