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A guided learning space for primary school teachers to bring technology creation skills to EVERY kid

Teachers Lead Tech

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How can we ensure that EVERY kid learns to create with tech as a basic skill, despite their gender, location, or socioeconomic background? Our answer – serving and upskilling 32M primary school teachers globally, who reach 751M kids daily, continuously, and through different disciplines. For teachers to feel ready, Teachers Lead Tech provides them with needed content, confidence and competence.
Jurgita Laurutaviciene, Primary School Teacher
I appreciate that it's a consistent, ongoing program, not a single-time event. When applying TLT technology creation practices, kids create independently and explore difficult subjects through play.

Jurgita Laurutaviciene, Primary School Teacher


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Updated on April 8th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

There will be millions of new roles created by tech. Yet, teachers have been underserved in preparing for this massive shift in the world and in their role – only 15% of school teachers feel confident about using technology as a learning tool and time is the most limiting resource to 77% of teachers to come up with innovative teaching material (Microsoft UK study - 2018/2019).

How does your innovation work in practice?

To serve teachers in becoming tech role-models in classes by providing 3Cs:
• CONTENT: creative, time-saving learning and teaching materials for classes, merging various technology creation practices (coding, 3D modeling, AI, etc) with class subjects (math, arts, etc). Our methodology is based on the holistic pedagogical approach "Understand. Practise. Create", to spark creativity and critical thinking, rather than teaching a specific tech tool.

• COMPETENCE: online, data-driven learning path for teachers of all levels, from beginners to advanced ones, to be guided through learning step-by-step.

• CONFIDENCE: community and peer support, regular skill-building sessions with our mentors, who are there to answer all the questions.

Accessibility: our model helps us ensure a low price per kid – 7 € a year – and needs only minimal facilities.
Inclusivity: working with teachers, we can scale future-proof tech creation skills to every child.
Applicable in online and offline classes.

How has it been spreading?

After launching in September 2020, in 5 months we covered 50% of primary schools in Lithuania (1.400+ teachers and 28.000+ kids), who continuously learn with us every week.
By empowering teachers (90%+ women) and 75% of them already saying they're gaining needed skills to bring tech creation practices to kids, we believe we are becoming one of the biggest women in tech movements.

To scale our impact, we partner with NGOs, Education Offices, Regional Development Centers, and Municipalities. Our key partners are tech companies as social investors as well as content and technology partners.

By 2025, we seek to serve 1 M primary school teachers worldwide and bring tech creation skills to 20 M kids, by refining our product to be as accessible and inclusive as possible.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

In April 2021, Teachers Lead Tech will be available for English-speaking markets with the first open modules.

We will introduce #HealthyMind module, in partnership with one of the biggest tech companies in the region MailerLite. The module will focus on emotional health, exploring the topic via technology creation.

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See this innovation in action

Teachers Lead Tech to be piloted in first 6 schools in Vilnius6 school teachers in Vilnius, Lithuania, joined Teachers Lead Tech pilot program with more than 90 primary school teachers. In the pilot, participating teachers and their school-appointed mentor looked for ways to explain mathematical ideas to beginners through technological creation. In the weekly sessions, 90 teachers mastered the tools of technological creation - strengthened their skills in working with the programming program Scratch and 3D modeling program TinkerCad, and looked for technology creativity solutions in math lessons.In September, 2020, Vilnius Municipality is planning to sponsor the program for 120 teachers.
Teachers Lead Tech - one of the selected projects for Matchathon by the European Commision
Building on the success of the #EUvsVirus Hackathon, the European Innovation Council (EIC), under the patronage of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, is organising a Matchathon with the participation of the 120 winning teams from the hackathon, investors, corporates and public authorities, including among others, public procurers and hospitals; academia and research institutions, from all across Europe and beyond.The goal of the Matchathon is to connect the needs of innovators with the opportunities made available by investors, corporates, public authorities, academia and research institutions. During the Matchathon, innovators will pitch their solutions in order to secure deals and funding that will enable them to scale up their innovative solutions and bring them to the market. This in turn will help address COVID-19 relevant challenges and speed up the European and global recovery in the aftermath of the pandemic.A total of 120 winning projects with 800 innovators working in multinational teams, 115 investors and more than 200 ‘partners’ (including corporates, universities and public authorities) have registered to participate at this #EUvsVirus Matchathon.A Demo Day with selected teams and partners is scheduled for 21 May ahead of the Matchathon, which will take place from 22 to 25 May.Source and more info:
Teachers Lead Tech joins initiative launched by Nordic Europe EdTech companies TeachMillions.comNordics join forces to support educators globally with free learning techLockdowns due to the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have raised the issue of homeschooling and learning technology like never before. That’s why the Teach Millions initiative is immediately addressing this by offering free technology from 100+ different Nordic companies as a form of emergency aid. All the learning technology on is open and free of charge for students, teachers, NGO’s and governments worldwide as of April 15th, 2020.“It has been amazing to see the willingness of Nordic EdTech companies to support countries all over the world in a state of emergency. What we do through Teach Millions springs from an educational tradition of community, critical thinking, and initiative,” says Mikkel Frich, CEO of EdTech Denmark.“These are some of the market leaders in learning technology offering their products for free, and we are grateful that they have chosen to support the learners and educators in these tough times. This is a massive donation and we are humbled to also invite other Nordic initiatives to join.” adds Mihaela Tabacaru, Project Manager R&D, OsloEdtech Cluster.“The initiative originates from all Nordic countries and gathers solutions from,,,, ​,​ and Together, the solutions cover many languages such as: English, French, Modern Arabic, Spanish, Russian, German, and the Scandinavian, Finno-Ugric and Baltic languages. If you find a relevant EdTech solution that does not meet your language requirements, please contact us anyway – we might have a solution,’ Heini Karppinen, the co-founder of EdTech Finland elaborates.The Nordic EdTech Community realizes that distance learning is not merely plug-and-play, and so the initiative also assures that some of the best Nordic consultants will stand by to help. Teach Millions presents support at both strategic, tactical, and operational levels.Data ethics is crucial in the new initiative, Ginvile Ramanauskai, Lithuanian initiative lead, assures: “All donors on Teach Millions are GDPR compliant. By clicking on the Covid-19 Agreement we provide a legally binding framework and a workflow between the user and the vendor.”Initiated by the Nordic EdTech Community, 100+ companies and consultants from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Denmark have come together as donors.“All the EdTech solutions displayed on Teach Millions will be free of charge as long as the COVID-19 crisis continues, and the schools and educational institutions are closed,” says Märt Aro, Chairman Of The Board at Nordic EdTech Forum – N8.


Achievements & Awards

April 2021
Launched #HealthyMind campaign to bring well-being practises to classrooms
January 2021
Reached 50% of ALL primary schools in Lithuania
December 2020
Closed our first solid investment round to build learning space, backed by R&D and data analytics
October 2020
Announced among TOP8 Nordic-Baltic startups in GESA awards
September 2020
Selected to IMPACT Collective, focused on growth in Asia
September 2020
Partnership with Vilnius Municipality: launching technology creation classes in primary schools (300 teachers)
September 2020
Partnership with Klaipeda Municipality
September 2020
A finalist in MIT Solve's Global Challenge (Learning for Girls and Women)
July 2020
Got selected to K-Startup Grand Challenge (to accelerate in South Korea)
May 2020
Mentorship program, which inspired Teachers Lead Tech finished with 1000 teachers (sponsored by
May 2020
Innovation page created on
April 2020
400 primary school teachers joined the pilot, as the pandemic was announced

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